Thursday 13 June 2013

Pipped at the post

How often is it that you go to post a blog on something particular, only to find someone else got there first?  That's what happened to me this weekend, when I checked out the latest blog post by my lovely friend A over at Lazy Daisy Jones

She showed a beautiful photo of the cushion that had just arrived from America from the new shop of the one, and only, Tif Fussell aka Dottie Angel!

I was gutted, not only had her cushion arrived, but I had ordered mine on the same day, and it had not arrived.  Even more than that, we had chosen the same one!!!!  I could only marvel at how lovely her cushion looked and sit and wait for the postie to bring one to me.

Monday came and went.

Tuesday came and went.

I sent miserable messages to Miss Jones to speak of my sorrow.

Wednesday came, and so too did a delivery.  My glee could not be contained.  My perfectly perfect peachy cushion cover had arrived!

Tis gorgeous if I do say so myself, and even the hubby approved of said purchase!  Tif said that I am perfectly perfect for this design, so I'm glad I didnt' choose a different one, though if the pennies add up I may be off there again!  If you haven't seen Tif's shop with Society 6 yet, it can be found over here  Lots of beautiful things to tempt you, should you feel inclined, and I think there is free postage today (if you use this link!

Speaking of the queens of granny chic, if you haven't already heard on the blogging grapevine, my other blogging pal, Rachelle (co-author of the fab Granny Chic book with Tif) has another book out next year!!!!!  Based on the seasons, it's going to be full of craftyness and, be still my beating heart, patterns of the granny frock variety!  2014 cannot arrive quickly enough!

In the meantime, I am continuing with my granny square blanket that I started an age ago.  I finally purchased some cream wool to do the final row in and for joining them together so my plan is to have it in the new caravan, when it arrives.  Did I mention I'm getting a caravan for my birthday?!

I did find time yesterday to make this for a certain little lady to go in her new bedroom.  She said it was amazing!

I'm going to get it framed for her.

Hope the rain isn't getting you down!

G x


  1. That pic you sewed is so glorious I love it....A are we being spoilt now....will text you as have been in my sick bed again!!

  2. The cushion is so lovely, glad it came in the end! The little sewn picture you have made is really sweet.
    M x

  3. How awful having to wait for such peachy loveliness to arrive, I daren't check out Tif's site as the piggy bank is empty at the moment. Sarah x

  4. just love it all!!! so fabulous to find you via hettie xxx


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