Saturday 29 June 2013

Bringing me nice post!

I love it when the postie brings you nice things, not bills and other such miserable whatnot.  Today was one of those days!

I was feeling a little bit miserable as I didn't bid on a caravan I've been watching on ebay.  This is the caravan to be turned into my crafting room, not one for holidaying in.  I have a budget of £400 and have missed out on a few as they went over my price bracket.  Then I saw this beauty - a 1980s Sprite Alpine, the exact caravan we had when I was a child!

 I watched, and waited, and this morning, with minutes to go it was only £320.  Did I bid, no I did not.  I let my head rule my heart and I am watching another caravan with a better internal layout more suited to my needs.  I phoned my mother to tell her, "Oh you silly thing, I told you to get it" she said.  I have faith in my judgement that Monday may bring me the right caravan.

Then Mr Postie arrived and brightened my mood no end, I'm not one to sulk really but he did bring me such delightful gifts as to cheer me up anyway.

Want to see what I got?!

Of course you do!

Firstly some new make-up.  I don't wear very much now I don't work, but still need a little bit to take away the dark shadows and paleness of my skin.  I use a fantastic online company called e.l.f which you can find here They sell everything you could need and are seriously as cheap as chips.  This week they were doing an offer where if you spent £20 you got a goodie bag worth £25 of products free!  I only order about once a year now so decided that this would be the time to do so.

This is my £20 of products:

This is my goodie bag!

What lovely treats.

I also got the latest, and apparently last ever, Cloth magazine.  I took out a three month subscription for £5 to see if I fancied subscribing to it; I also did it with Simply Crochet magazine too.  It's a great way to see if you like a magazine without having to commit to it if you decide you don't want to after all.  There was a note inside to say they have ceased trading and will be sending Craftseller magazine instead.  I only have one issue left so will be cancelling as I had decided that it wasn't for me.

On top of this Mr Postie also delivered a much awaited book, the autobiography of journalist and fashionista Liz Jones!  Love her or hate her, this is a much talked about book that I'm looking forward to reviewing.  It only went out to a handful of people so I feel privilaged that I was one of the few.

To add to this bundle of delights, yesterday bought with it the latest Pretty Nostalgic magazine, with a feature on caravans - serendipity methinks!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, forecast said for beautiful sunny weather, clearly not right now though!  We are off to pick up the holidaying in caravan tomorrow so be prepared for Tales of Enid coming soon!!!

G x

By the way, a big hello to my new followers, and for the lovely comments about my frock.  I still haven't been able to wear it though as it's been too cold!  Off  now to try to see if I can link to Bloglovin' before the end of the month arrives!


  1. What lovely post ... this link will allow you to move all the blogs you follow to bloglovin ... you will also need to register and claim your own blog ... hope this helps :) ... Bee xx

    1. Thanks Bee, all up and running I think!!! X

  2. What lovely things your postie brought! Hope Mon brings good caravan news...
    M x

  3. Hi G, how's tricks? Just read this post and I love it! I love getting post, too, and always look forward to receiving my PostCircle letters or anything really!


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