Tuesday 9 July 2013

Tales of Enid - part one

Introducing Enid!  This is my early birthday present, our holidaying in caravan Enid (so named as I envisage lots of Enid Blyton style jolly holidays in her)!

This weekend we decided to go away in Enid.  As it wasn't decided until lunchtime, and I had to work Friday afternoon, it was a bit of a rush, but as we had already booked a pitch we decided to go with the flow, and go!

As it was our first trip away, we decided not to go too far, just down the road to Bridgnorth, which is about an hour away.

We stayed at a pub with a large site, and a playground for the girlies to hang out in.  We could also take Megan with us which was important too.

We had a great weekend, the sun shone and temperatures got into the 30s.  Thankfully we managed to put the awning up with no problems so it meant we kept shady when the sun was at its peak.

Lots of time for this:

Colouring in our new books!

An appropriate article in the latest edition of Pretty Nostalgic magazine!

A little bit of reading...

...and crocheting - working on a blanket for Enid!

We managed a trip into Bridgnorth itself for a wander around the shops.  Girlies found a toy shop, and I managed a quick sneak into a charity shop or too! 

More yarn to crochet with - £1.50 a ball!

Pretty Monsoon top for £2.25!

More editions for my collection, and under £3 for the lot!
 Sunday came around all too soon and as we had to leave the site at 12 we were back in time for the Wimbledon finals - lots of shouting here for Andy Murray, and yes, I cried when he won!!!!

Two weeks left of school before we break up for the holidays, and we are hoping for lots more trips in Enid.  I think I had better book something before everywhere gets too full though. 

In the meantime, I've got more books to review

and a new project to work on.......

Meet Agatha!
 Remember I said I might be lucky on ebay last Monday?  Well I was, I won Agatha!  She's a 1983/4 Monza and is going to be my crafting caravan!  Once she is stabilised I can get inside her and show you just how totally immaculate she is inside.  No damp, or mustiness at all.  I am a very luck birthday girl (even though it's not until November)!!!

Hope the sun is shining where you are today.

G x


  1. OMG. you are the mostest luckiest girl....wooohooo....can i stay in it when i visit...???????xx xxx
    d x

  2. So you do collect caravans! A van for every occasion? Caravanaholic? Looking forward to seeing the insides. Eco Ethel xx

  3. Oh fantastic! Enid and Agatha, you are a very lucky birthday girl indeed! Fabulous names by the way.
    M x

  4. You will have lots of fun with both your new vans - we had an eBay spree last November and won Petal, our 1970s Sprite Europa but we had to wait until this June to go on our first adventure to the seaside in Dorset. More trips planned but we need to get hold of an awning ... Good Caravanning!

  5. i could cry with envy and thats never a good look!!! hey where are you, are you midlands based...we are redditch! xxx

  6. What a lucky girl not just one caravan but two ... I'm so jealous ~ Sarah x


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