Thursday 25 July 2013

This Week

First week of the school holidays and I've been:

Making things with hama beads

Reviewing books

Ordering wool from a fabulous website called wool4less to make my poncho/cape with.  I've been hunting around for an alternative to Sirdar Big Softie for so long now, as it was going to cost me about £50 to make but finding something that used 10mm needles was a bit of a challenge.  Happily I stumbled across this website this week and in less than 48 hours my wool has arrived, at a mere £22 for 800g!

Visiting the zoo (again) as the eldest girlie turned 7 yesterday.  We usually go for the dinosaur exhibit but this year it was giant bugs!  Needless to say, they loved them!

The birthday girl

Girlies are now away for the next 6 nights at Grandma and Gramps' house for the first time in 7 years.  Hubby and I are going away camping with the dog for the  weekend.  We may have to talk to each other!!!!


G x


  1. Very creative Hama beading there! Hama beads are also very popular in our house. Great photos of the giant bugs too.
    M x

  2. Oh those Bugs (bit scary freaky!!) loving the pics....Camping???? get crafting girl... or are you going to do both and multi task?
    bestest enjoy your
    d x

  3. What a fab week you've had, loving the giant ladybug... Have a wonderful weekend away ~ Sarah x

  4. Love Hama beads so much!
    Have a fab camping trip!

  5. Hi - just found you via 'my little red suitcase'. Have lots of those child on elephant pictures at Chester zoo as we live nearby and were members in the past. Child now so large (long-legged teenager) that her legs would probably touch the ground! Great blog - like your book review. I'm a fairly new blogger too. Not a crafty one though.


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