Thursday 21 November 2013

Crocheting a scarf!

It's been a funny crafting week.  I started on a high with my alpaca blend mittens/wristwarmers from my Erika Knight book. 

And then I got to the thumb shaping part and I must be going crazy because for the life of me, I can't work out the pattern - so it's either wrong or I'm stooopid.  Anyway I've had to stop them for now until I can work out what to do next!

So that led to a bit of frustration as I wanted to make something - only not any of the projects I've already got on the go (those rabbits hats will never be finished in time for Christmas as this rate)!

That got me thinking.....and a challenge was what was needed.  Now I've only been crocheting since this year and I don't have much confidence in doing anything too exciting but I love the scarf that M made on her Ladybird Diaries blog.  Gorgeous isn't it (and hopefully she won't mind me posting her picture on her)?!

So I headed on over to my friend Kath's blog at Inverleith cause it's her pattern.  Could I make this with the wool that I'd originally bought to make a cushion cover with?

You see, I've never crocheted in a line before - I'm a granny square maker so I was a bit unsure if I could manage a straight line or not!  The first attempt went a bit wrong, in that as I was going along all 240 stitches doing 1tr I kept thinking to myself  "I'm sure this isn't right", but instead of checking the pattern, I continued to the end (what?!) and then rechecked it.  Yes, sure enough, Kath quite clearly says 3tr!!!!!  So I undid it all!

Now I'm on a roll and loving it.  I'm only using three colours instead of six but it's looking good.  Even the 7 year old has stated an interest in possibly learning to crochet, and the 5 year old has asked for her own scarf!  If you fancy, you can join in with the Ladybird Diaries Bloomin Crochet-A-Long with her and Chrissie over on their blogs.

I'm off to Lottie's on Monday for a sewing day - we are planning on making an item of clothing.  As to what it will be, well we haven't decided yet but I'll show and tell just as soon as I do!

I'm off to stroke my new book from the lovely author at Soulemama blog.  A bargainous £2.99 from The Works - what's not to love?!

Hope you're all okay.  Our boiler finally got installed this week after 4 years without one.  We currently have one warm room - it feels amazing!

G x


  1. Ohhhh, you sound like me, I am a novice crochet-er, and I've been drooling over that scarf for a couple of weeks. I really really want to try it. I've printed out the pattern, I have the wool but I'm scared to try. My problem is I'm hopeless at reading a pattern. Maybe I should just bite the bullet as the pattern is written really well. Hmmm....decisions! Your scarf looks lovely, well done.

    1. Give it a whirl Rachel, it's really easy; the hardest bit is row 1, after that it's dead simple. Show and tell if you do! x

  2. Those colours are so lovely together, you're going to have one gorgeous scarf! I've had to rip back to the beginning in the past, live and learn, eh? Glad you've stuck with it! Chrissie x ps would you consider linking up your pretty project over at mine?

  3. Lovely scarf, I have my eye on that pattern too but have way to many WIP. Can you send my you details as we are partners in Marianes Christmas Decoration swap. You can find my email on my blog page in the 'about me' bit. thanks
    Clare xx

  4. I love your new scarf but am a little terrified of crocheting in a line too ... was it very difficult ... Bee xx

    1. No Bee! First row the hardest and that's only counting the stitches to put in the trebles, once you've done that it's super easy! Do try! X

  5. Your scarf looks amazing! Well done you!

  6. Your scarf looks great, good luck with your knitting. xx


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