Wednesday 12 February 2014

It's finished (almost)!

Slightly excited - my shawl is almost done!  Yes, less than a month after starting it, I finished the last row this afternoon.  Now there is just the boring task of sewing the ends in.  However, I did get the 7 year old to take a sneaky peak of me holding it against me this afternoon for your viewing!

So... from this

To this

To this!

And I finished it with some shell edging, which I've never tried before.  I used my Mollie Makes Crochet book and it was the easiest thing ever - just took hours to go round the whole thing!  It's almost big enough to be a blanket!

Thanks to the wonderful Pixie for her inspiration and help with getting me started.

Stay safe, and warm, in this awful weather

G x


  1. love it and so well done on the edging....xx

  2. It is beautiful Ginny, really beautiful. However, I have to make a complaint, your previous post has resulted in a further yarn purchase to make my own shawl - you inspire me to get myself into all sorts of trouble!! I can see why you love this shawl though, the colours are lovely together - you have a great eye! xx

  3. Woweeeee!
    Such utterly lovely colours x

  4. Hello deary.....oooh the shawl looks just wonderfully cosie, i love the colours, isnt it just the most loveliest and easiest project to do, and quite a quick make too also......i really must make myself another one, perhaps with matching wristies next time, ooh thats a good idea.
    A beautiful shawl indeed.

    Huggy hugs
    Pixie xxx

  5. It's so beautiful, I have shawl envy! x


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