Wednesday 2 July 2014

Wool Mortification

Is anyone else mortified by the amount of wool/yarn they have in their collection?

Okay so this is clearly not my wool collection, but you get the picture!

I am.

I sorted it all out the other day, and took it down from the house into Agatha van.  There was lots.  Lots and lots.

Lots from patterns started but not finished.  Lots from patterns bought and never attempted.

I felt quite ashamed of the growing wool collection and also of the amount of unfinished projects that were lying about.

I have begun to tackle this!

The granny shawl which needed the ends sewing in has been completed!

My granny square blanket for Enid caravan has been finished!

My crochet square cushion has been finished!

The Front

The Back

My variegated blanket from Mollie Makes magazine has seen the final square hooked and it is now being sewn together for Enid caravan.

I had told myself that I wouldn't start any more projects until some of the wips had been completed. But last night I was cross. 

I started one of the new projects.  I have not finished the 7 (nearly 8) year old's cardigan or sewn up the rest of my blanket.

I am a bad person!  Oh and I got bored at the weekend so I cut myself a fringe and dyed my hair red!!!

G x


  1. Yay for red....Have you seen the series "orange is the new black" there is a redhead in that she is russian!!
    d xxx

  2. I don't know what your hair looked like before, but I love how it looks now! :-)

  3. I don't, but I could very easily have a massive yarn stash, so I sympathise totally!!! It would be wonderful to have a stash like that in the picture though, such beautiful colours! xx

  4. My yarn stash got so out of hand that about 3 years ago I decided to STOP buying. I'm still knitting from it and there's not really an end in sight! Oddly, I don't have unfinished knitting projects - I work through each one till I finish it - but sewing is different. I have at least 4 tops and skirts started and not finished. One day I'll get round to them....

  5. Love the hair - I dyed mine blue when I was young - it dn't show much though as I had black hair then. now I' grey and love it, so not dying anymore. Love your red tresses!

    Oh.... the wool stash thing!!! I stashed and stashed, ready for crafting not cleaning (or going to work) in my post-being-Mum-with-kids-at-home, retirement years. Along came retirement, complete with elderly parent needing care and cleaning up after and husband who brings half the smallholding in on his boots, lots of fruit and veggies for me to preserve and an insatiable desire to sample the cooking I thought I'd no longer need to do in such quantities. So, I'm cleaning and cooking, not crafting, just now.

    SOOOOO, I'm still stashing but not using half as much as comes in. If you here of a mad old lady in Mid-Wales having to have one of those teams come in to sort out a hoarding problem, and hoard is yarn, that'll be me!

  6. You are a rebel with the yarniest of causes and I am proud of you x


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