Wednesday 15 April 2015

It started with a... on Instagram by the lovely @bodkincreates, aka Hesta who makes lots and lots of different bits way down south in Sidmouth.  Hesta posted a picture of one of her beautiful crochet nests, and I was smitten.

She runs workshops to make them, but as she is so far away from me, there was no chance that I could attend one so I asked her if she sells them.  A hesitant reply came, and it was a sort of maybe!

Time continued, and lots of other photos, plus some more nest pictures came and went over on IG and I kept up my hinting.  Then came the reply I was looking for, a nest of my own was to be winging it's way to me, once Hesta could bear to part with it!

My nest arrived today and it is beautiful.  It is so intricate and delicate I'm glad it safely made the journey northwards in it's cardboard box.  I plan for it to reside in Agatha van where I can marvel in all her beauty whenever I am crafting away.

I've not managed to make very much recently as I'm still teaching, but I did start, and finish, a Ros Badger bow scarf which I'm delighted with, and the lady herself commented on how great my knitting was over on Twitter - squeal.  Think I'd better go and make another now (despite the heatwave)!

And talking of heatwaves, I've finally gotten around to ordering my Salt-water sandals!!!!!  Having not found a stockist to try them on, I was dubious about ordering online.  However, if you go onto the Salt-water website they have a template to download so you can see which size fits you!  Hopefully I've got it right, and my sandals are on their way right now.  I'm thinking I need these exact socks to go with them too!

G x


  1. It's a beautiful can hide your treasures in it! very impressed with the scarf...I've just brought one from Hesta, aren't they fun. X

    1. thank you Heather, they are, aren't they?! x

  2. Love the nest and your beautiful scarf!
    Did you choose the yellow sandals in the end? X


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