Wednesday 2 October 2013

It's not what you are expecting!

Well for those of you expecting a Yarndale post about my time there this weekend, look away now!  That's right, I didn't go!  Instead hubby and I had to journey down to Angmering to fetch Enid back from housing my brother for the past month whilst he was waiting to move into his new house!  So no Yarndale.  It looked amazing but hopefully they are running it all again next year so I'm going to go then - for sure!

The poncho is almost finished, I'm just sewing the neck onto it now so I'll be blogging photos of it soon.  I am also going to be emailing Sirdar to tell them just how incorrect their pattern is.  The lovely lady at wool4less managed to get me another ball of the wool I was using, with the same lot number and even sent it ahead of my other order so that I could finish it as soon as possible.  How's that for service?  I also ordered some more wool from them too, this beautiful pale grey colour - 3 balls for under £10 to make the project below (it's a Christmas present for a friend, but fear not, she doesn't read my blog)!

Inspired by my lovely bloggy friend Daisy Jones and her recent crochet scarf post, I decided to get myself some Stylecraft Harlequin wool too and make myself one.  Deramores had 20% off Stylecraft last week so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get some!  I chose the orange/mocha colour combination and then hunted around for the perfect pattern.  My crochet skills aren't quite up to scarf standard yet, so I searched my books and magazines until I found this cowl in Mollie Makes magazine, issue 11. 

When the wool came, it did look a little garish and not at all like on the web pictures but now I've started knitting with it, I'm quite happy.  I think it will look brilliant with my new khaki parka jacket and it's orange lining, don't you?!

I've got some new crafty books on the way too, from The Works as they had a free delivery offer last week, but they've not arrived yet.

Is anyone else doing Handmade365 inspired by Rachelle over at ted and agnes?  I don't think I can do the whole year as my handmade itinery is not grand enough, but I've done it for the past two days.

My mad March Hare broach from Olive and Harry

My 'made from a bedsheet' skirt - rocking school yesterday!

Hope it's warm and sunny wherever you are.  It's not here!

G x


  1. Love love love your scarf !!

    its has turned out beautifully....after all the worry... thank goodness a happy ending.
    ...what a 'knit wit' you are...of the bestest kind of course...I think i should make an effort to join in with that as always g xxx a

  2. Your scarf is simply scrummy! The colours are gorgeous - of course I'll want to see it modelled with the coat...and I'm loving your handmade wardrobe creations. That skirt is awesome! Chrissie x

  3. G I am still on your google friends screen see...not gone away...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    d x

  4. Do you know, i have just finished knitting my cardigan from the 'simply knitting' book by Erika Knight and the pattern in there is incorrect also....i have come across this quite a few times and it can be really infuriating, so i am glad you got yours all sorted the colours for your scarf by the way..x


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