Wednesday 16 October 2013

Playing hookie

My granny squares book finally arrived at the library this week so I've been flicking through it trying to choose what to make first. 

I've opted for a granny circle pattern and aim to turn the squares into a cushion to go into Enid.  I think they have turned out okay.  It's a gorgeous book, I think I'm going to have to add it to my wish list!

It's very cold, wet and windy here today.  The acorns falling off the tree sound so loud every time they land, it's like bullets going off.  Not a nice day to be out, so it's log burner on, crochet hook in hand.  I've done four squares so far, and almost another in orange but I've run out of the wool halfway through the final round!  A trip to the habedashery tomorrow methinks!

I'm trying not to think too much about Christmas but I did spy these this week in a local shop and had to have them. 

I think the tray will look fabulous with homemade mince pies on it.  Tempted to try and see, but maybe I'd better wait until at least November!

Taking the girlies off for a treat tomorrow night, as neither of them had parties this year, we are going up to Manchester to see the Disney on Ice show. 

I think they are going to love it!

I also had the bestest day yesterday, Louise over at Hope and Elvis released her workshop dates for next year. Oh what a choice. I've only been to one before, my Granny Chic day with Tif and Rachelle of Dottie Angel and Ted and Agnes fame. Oh it was divine. Anyway, I digress, this time I booked to go on a sewing day with the lovely Laetitia of Mrs Bertimus fame - I almost met her last year as she went on the aforementioned crafty day, only she went the day before! I think it's going to be the most fun. I also hoped to get onto the Julie Arkell workshop as I seem to have missed out on the last two. Alas, and alack I was too late to get on that one but Louise informs me that I am the first reserve should anyone drop out! Hope you're not too windswept!

G x


  1. I love the Granny Squares book, I've already made some projects from it, it's a keeper! I'm working on my hexies for a blanket, feel free to join the CAL and link up your beautiful squares! They will make a beautiful cushion...and I love all your other goodies, thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  2. G gonna book that day too.....if I can ....xxxxx

  3. Your squares are looking great. Hope that you have fun at your show!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
    We're going to meet at last!
    Thank you so much for signing up!
    I'm so excited!

  5. Love the crochet squares!
    Jille x

  6. Oh I keep seeing this book around blog land and I have the serious wanties! It's definitely going on my Christmas list! Your crochet squares look fab, they will make a fab cushion. Welcome to the crochet-a-long!
    Marianne x

  7. Hi! Been following your blog for awhile now but have been to shy to say hello til now.
    Your granny squares look pretty. Hope to see photos of the finished cushion soon!

    1. Don't be shy - thanks for dropping by! Cushion will be on as soon as it's finished! X

  8. Those are looking good....and enjoy the Hope & Elvis workshop next year! Lizzie


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