Friday 6 December 2013

This week

I'm trying to get a wiggle on with the Christmas presents to be made.  The hats are still wips but I'm making a start on the cowl for a friend from Mollie Makes magazine 11.

Then the hats need finishing, and so does that second crochet scarf.  So much to do...and it's December already!

I'm not panicking - honest!

I had two lovely packages this week too.  The first was from Clare over at summerhouse by the sea as part of the Christmas decoration exchange organised by Marianne over at Ladybird Diaries.  How pretty is this bunting?

Mmmm bath goodies and chocolate!

Gorgeous crochet snowflake bunting!

I also had a belated birthday present from my bestest bloggy pal A over at Lazy Daisy Jones - squeel!

I'm off to Stockport on Sunday for the final Vintage Village of the year.  Emma from over at Oooh Betty will be there with her caravan Maurice so I'm hoping to say hi, and to spend some of my birthday pennies too.

While I'm whittering away, can I ask a cheeky favour?  As you know, I've started another blog which you can find here.  Hubby has said if I can get some more followers he will donate £100 to Leukemia and Lymphoma Research so I'm asking if any of you would mention it on your own blogs - cheeky but for a good cause!

Hope the winds of yesterday didn't do too much damage - we lost another tree unfortunately but it missed Agatha when it fell thankfully!

G x


  1. So pleased you liked the snow flake garland and happy birthday, thank you for my lovely parcels, the little green tree (arrived this morning and is adorable as is the Gingerbread man. Thanks again,
    Clare x

  2. Have popped over to your other blog and added you to my bloglovin lists, will this suit hubby? I'm liking your book selection and will be coming back to have a browse.

    Your garland prezzie is lovely too.

  3. The bunting is so lovely isn't it - what did you send? Please share! Good luck with your fundraising, if I get a suitable chance I will mention on my blog, I am already following! xx

    1. Hi Amy, I sent a gingerbread man and a tree - you can see them on Clare's blog under the post Three Things! X

  4. What pretty, festive garland! I've just popped over to your other blog and signed up, good luck! Chrissie x

  5. Love that snow flake bunting, what a cool idea. Lizzie x


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