Tuesday 31 December 2013

My overview of 2013

Blimey, this is my last blog post of 2013, and it seems strange to think that this time last year, I didn't even have a blog! (Let alone two - quick self promo again to Miss Chapter's Reviews here).  It was only the talents of my newly found bloggy pal Daisy Jones that even brought this blog to fruition, for it was her clever hand that went on to Blogger and set up this site for me.

Since then I've posted 84 times and had 12,000 views which to me seems amazing.  I'm clearly not set for world domination anytime soon, but who cares?!

I did have a New Year's Resolutions list that I set out on Facebook at the end of 2012:

° learn to crochet - I can wield a pair of knitting needles but am not so handy dandy with a hook. This year I aim to overcome that.

° start a blog - follow me at your peril!

° buy only 1 book a month - no mean feat as I can easily purchase double figures a month. This year I intend to actually read the books I have instead of just stroking them.

° make my own clothes - not just my trusty "whip it up in a hour" skirt variety but some actual frocks too.

° be a better, more patient wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Heck I know I am damn near perfect already but I can surely improve on this!

° not stress so much, smell the roses(when we eventually get our garden sorted) and enjoy life just a little bit more.

So, did I achieve any of this?  Well yes, I jolly well did!

I can now crochet - to a degree.  More practise needed but I'm better than I was a year ago.

First attempts back in January

Last attempt in December

I did start two blogs.

My book buying was a bit wobbly at the start of the year, but now I'm reviewing under my own steam I'm getting lots of books sent by the publishers which has reduced my purchased numbers to a paltry handful - and these have either been used copies or vastly reduced kindle buys - yay me!

I did make a dress from my Pip Lincolne book, I've also started another but have kind of hit a stop with the sleeves.  Am hoping to rectify that in 2014, and I've just bought two new sewing books which I hope to use lots.

More patient?  Hmmm, the jury may be out on that one.

And I don't think I did stress so much.  It's not people that frustrate me, but things. 

So...what's for 2014?  More building work to complete on the house.  Hopefully this time next year we will have heating throughout and a finished house - all down to hubby though, I just sit and watch to be honest as he builds around me!

To get Agatha caravan powered up with electricity and a deck and to be able to use here - v exciting!

To meet some of my bestest bloggy pals in April when I go back to Hope & Elvis - you know who you are!

More crafting ... and a bit of cleaning.

Btw saw this on facebook today - do you think someone has seen my blog?!

Photo: Before we enter the first day of 2014, have you got any crafty resolutions for the new year?

Whatever you do, have a good one. It's been delightful to 'meet' you all and thank you for dropping by and sharing in my adventures.

Til 2014

G x


  1. That's a super review GT and you have achieved so much too.....here's to 2014...see you there can't wait!
    bestest as ever DJ xxx

  2. Loving your blog and look forward to next years posts

  3. Wishing you a great New Year ... here's to lots more crafting ... Bee xx

  4. It has been lovely following you and I look forward to more in 2014! Happy New Year!! xx

  5. Happy New Year chuck!
    My resolution has been not to have any resolutions, I might actually stick to that one!
    You have achieved all of yours...I am in awe x


  6. aghh! you have a caravan!
    next to blogs about chicken, I love caravan blogs...

    Oh, and I bought that japanese dress book - blogged about it too. *sigh* If I had a odd that remotely resembles a petite, poached -egg-breast kind of woman, I'd be making more of those dresses.

  7. I am so pleased that I found both your blogs.
    Happy New Year to you and all you hold dear.
    Cally x


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