Thursday 2 January 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year!

Am still trying to get to grips with the new computer and Widows 8 in particular so please bear with me as I try to even upload one picture, let alone a few.  It's all touch-screen and weird - not at all sure I know what I am doing!  Remember how I said I get frustrated by 'things', well this new pc has got my blood pressure right up!

I can't believe we are in 2014 already, time seemed to fly by once November arrived.   I have to admit, the decorations are still up, haven't contemplated taking them down yet, and the girlies presents are in two very large gift-bags in their room as I have no idea where it's all going to go!

Hubby has been spending his time erecting the new playhouse in the garden.  We were very fortunate in that a neighbour gave it to us as her daughter didn't use it anymore (and they needed the space for the new dog) so we got ourselves a free 2-storey wooden playhouse.  Eldest daughter instantly claimed it was going to be her reading room but it's been sitting dismantled outside for months.

Now it is patched back up and re-felted by hubby and in it's new location amongst the trees.  It still needs work inside to make it into a cosy reading room but we'll get there.  As eldest daughter's favourite colour is orange, I offered her some of my vintage sheet for curtains.

Unfortunately I think my sewing machine is not a happy bunny at the mo, it's slipping stitches and not sewing properly at all.  As a result, I've only made one pair out of the three pairs destined for their new home.  A phone call to a repair shop seems to be in order next week.

I've started work on my new cardigan and it's going quite quickly thanks to chunky wool and 7.5mm needles. 

Totally loving her whole outfit!

Using Hayfield Chunky wool

I really must start finishing projects started last year, even though there are a 101 things I'd like to start making right now.  I have two blankets to finish for Enid caravan, and I think I am going to try to do at least a square a week on my Mollie Makes one, that way, it should be finished by the year end if not before!

I've another dress-making session booked with Lottie for the end of January, so hopefully I'll have something to show from one of my new books.  Fingers crossed.

I hope you all had a great New Year - what crafty plans do you have?!

G x


  1. G still have not finished my crochet from mm the sewing machine check bobbin and top thread are the same thread first....?
    bestest to you as ever in 2014 d xx

  2. Well it sounds as though you are certainly off to a busy crafting start to the year! The christmas decs will wait for you to take them down when you are ready and able - they won't go anywhere! Anyway, I think that it is nice to wait until after new years, otherwise you don't get to enjoy them fully - ours are still up!!

    Happy crafting! I look forward to seeing how you get on and I hope that your sewing machine gets sorted out - horrid when they are icky! xx

  3. Happy new year to you! I have my eye on that cardigan pattern too and I agree the whol outfit is gorgeous!
    Marianne x

  4. I too have a large pile of unfinished stitchings! Hope you sewing machine gets better soon!

  5. wow what a gift! our new neighbours gave me a green house..that was fabulous! lol glad its not just me with the unfinished projects. i have just set up a new painting room so painting is first on my agenda and finishing curtains. happy new year my lovely xx


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