Monday 27 January 2014

Reading Matter

It's going to be a busy old week this week as I'm working every day!  Unheard of, as I normally only work two afternoons a week, this week, it's my normal afternoon sessions, added to three mornings!!!! 

I'm still progressing with the shawl, thankfully, and I've bought some new needles after the disaster with my mint green ones (though that turned out to be a complete farce - took the 7 year old there last Tuesday, got there with 5 minutes to closing time, they had already locked up but opened up again for me, grabbed needles, got home to continue cardigan, only to realise I'd got 7.5mm ones not the 6.5mm ones I needed!  Had to go back the next day to swop them over)!

On a brighter note, there seems to be lots of nice reading matter here at the moment - I think I've crossed the line of the 'subscribing to too many magazines' again, but I try to justify it by reminding myself that it's by far cheaper that way than buying them every month!

And I found this in the supermarket today for a bargain £3!

I've also got so many books to review for my other blog - over 50 and it's only January!  I guess I must be doing something right if the publishers keep sending me them which considering it's a new blog is something to be proud of.  In fact, after my last review of the Honeybun's cookery book, they contacted me to say thank you and that they were sending me a little present in the post!  How lovely, it made my day!

Current reading!

What's made your day?

G x


  1. Your shawl is looking lovely!! I really like the colours. Congratulations on your book blog, it sounds as though it is going really well. I haven't stopped by lately because I have so many books to read and if I start noting down your recommendations I will be overrun!! It isn't because of you or your blog, it is my own lack of reading that is the problem!! I hope that your busy week won't be too crazy for you. xx

  2. how fabulous! You mean a publishing house sends you books to do you get that job? hello publishing me me!!!! Whats your current book like? do tell! I have just read ROOM by Emma donoghue and it blew me away! Just about to start on Stoner by John Williams xxxx

    1. I've read Room which I enjoyed but not Stoner yet, it's on the 'to read one day' pile!

  3. I came home from a boring shopping (groceries) trip to find a parcel of fabric that I had ordered. That made my day.
    That shawl is looking beautiful.
    So glad you have your knitting needles at last. A good place to pick up spares is in Charity shops. They normally have tons.
    I have not seen Daphne's Diary, I shall look out for that.

  4. ...Lookin' good are you going to finish the shawl?.....tassels!....frilly edging!.....picots!.....scallops!.....ooooh cant wait to see. x


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