Wednesday 15 January 2014

A dressmaking we'll go... of my New Year's Resolutions (from last year and this) is to try to make a dress.  I've already made one, which I wore on my Granny Chic sewing day with Rachelle from Ted & Agnes and Tif from Dottie Angel, but I've hampered over doing more - but properly, from a pattern, not just winging it as this one was.

Oh yes, we chortled, that is definitely a hand-made frock!

Therefore, using my birthday pennies wisely, I ordered two Japanese dressmaking books in the hope that this would occur.  A trip to the fabulous Abakhan for fabric and I was ready for the off.

I've been sensible, doing the pattern drawing and cutting one day, and the sewing another so as not to rush and mess it up.

The chosen dress

 Today was the sewing day, and it's been eventful.  I was doing okay until facing got involved - I always sew it wrong, but this time, did it correctly and then realised I'd not attached the straps!  I unpicked and re-did it!  Then, and only then, did I try said garment on!  Oh dear!  Whilst the dress is fine, the straps are probably only half the length I'm going to need them to be.  This means unpicking all of the facing again, re-cutting and interfacing two new straps and sewing them back on.  My dress will not be finished today because soon I will have to go on the school run, walk my dogs, cook a Shepherd's Pie, eat it, take the 7 year old to Brownies and then put two girly girls into bed.  I think by then I will have lost the will to re-make my dress.  I think this is a project that will have to be finished next week.

Am thinking one side of dress looks more A-line than the other here?!

Whilst I am a little downhearted about this, at least I am over half-way to finishing it and hopefully it will be wearable once I do.  It's not perfect, but it's mine and I did it all by myself!

I think that deserves a 'Yay'!

G x


  1. It definitely deserves a big 'YAY'! You should be proud!
    Marion x

  2. YAY! dxxx sew well done to you...another go tomorrow...?

  3. I think that you have done very well! All that pattern drawing and cutting and sewing and then sewing some more! You should be very proud of your work. I look forward to seeing you wearing it when you have finished the tweaks! xx

  4. This is something that is on my list of things to do this year.....make my own dress/skirt.....and I love this pattern that you are using, you have me all inspired now..xx

  5. I keep looking at my Japanese sewing book and then wimping out...maybe soon... X

  6. I recognise that dress in the first pic Wish we had another sewing day to look forward to this year!

    1. Rachelle is going to have a dressmaking workshop this summer, message her and she'll email you when it is. I'm hoping I can go x


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