Monday 20 January 2014


Oh me, oh my!  It's my blogiversary!  I can't believe that exactly one year ago today, I was typing up my very first blog post and all because a fellow blogger decided that I needed my own blog!  The lovely Lazy Daisy Jones got a bit fed up of my commenting on her blog of all the things I had been doing, and so said, 'You need a blog'.  'Oh yes,' relied I, 'but I have no idea, nor time to do one just now.'  'Fear not,' said she, 'for I will do one for you' - and she bloomin well did!

So thank you so much to her for that, and to all those of you who stop by.  I've gone through three blog image changes in the year, learnt to crochet, made a dress, or two, and set up another blog and there's probably more to come!  I don't know who the majority of you are, as you don't follow me, or leave comments, but I hope you are real people and not some stupid spam-bot thingy.  Knowing that people look here, and even more so through leaving a comment, really does make my day, so thanks.

Yesterday was another sewing day with Lottie.  She helped me to finish the dress that I started an age ago, from the Simplicity pattern that Rachelle over at Ted & Agnes recommended.  I only had the sleeves, neckline and hem to do but I'd got all in a muddle over it.  Turns out I was trying to sew the sleeves on upside down - I can be so blonde sometimes!

Not quite finished here but almost!

Anyway, tis complete.  It's a little thick but that's because I made it from a gifted curtain and not dressmaking fabric, but it'll be ace for when it gets colder.  Turns out it's actually Liberty of London too - what's not to love?!

The shawl is coming along too - not looking forward to sewing in those ends though!

I need to catch-up on the new Interior Designer programme too - did anyone see it?  My bloggy pal Emma from Oooh Betty is on, on Thursday's show.

I hope you are keeping warm and dry.  Thanks again.

G x


  1. Happy Blog Birthday!
    The dress looks great Ginny...
    What's this new Interior Designer programme? I'm rather out of touch...
    Smiles Cass x

  2. Happy Blogiversary to you! Loving your shawl too, but definitely agree about all those ends ~ they are the worst things ever to deal with :O)x

  3. can't believe it has been one whole year oh my lawdy!! I love your dress really truly lovely....what programme? when? and when are you going to learn to link missy GT?
    bestest as ever to you today Happy Blogday!!! Yay!!
    D xxxxx

  4. Many Happy Returns.
    Your Shawl is looking great. I may be tempted to have a go.
    I have just crochet a Dahlia Flower by following a Bob Wilson You Tube.
    I had a bit of a problem with the stitch names, for some reason they were not the same as the name I had seen before (back in the 60's). Hey ho. Must be an age thing ;0)

  5. Programme is called The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2 every weekday at 7pm x

  6. Happy birthday to your blog. Love how your shawl is coming along, and love your blog. Rhian x

  7. Happy birthday to the blog! I love the dress, clever you! I watched the interns show on iPlayer today, that Sarah Moore is just *so creative* and lovely! Chrissie x

  8. Happy blogaversary to you!!!! Your shawl is looking lovely, I like the colours that you are using. Here's looking forward to many more fun years of blogging. xx

  9. Happy blog birthday to you. Wishing you many more. Your shawl is looking lovely and I have been watching the show ... looking forward to Oooh Betty ... Bee xx

  10. ...It looks like everything is coming along just spiffingly....looking forward to seeing you in that shawl......huggy hugs

  11. I love reading your blog, I'm always a bit scared about leaving messages though, but following your post I just wanted you to know I'm a real person. Thanks for giving me something to smile about and letting me know I am not the only woman who likes making things. Love Lucy x


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