Sunday 12 January 2014

A New Addiction

Oh my goodness me, I've discovered something new!

And I like it!

It started off with this:

And then progressed to this:

And finally, this:

Yes, I have a new addiction to Betty & Walter's Elderflower and Lemon hand cream.  It smells so divine and heavenly and well, lovely.  I had to buy loads!

Surely you can't blame a girl for stocking up?!

G x


  1. I'm rather addicted to Neal's Yard goodies... so not familiar with Betty & Walter! Enjoy!! Cx

  2. I have not heard of Betty & Walter before. I shall check them out. I do love a good smell ;0)

  3. Oh so lovely...... stock away bloggy pal

  4. Betty & Walter is by Lisa Levis (formerly Strickley) and it's only available online or in larger Boots stores in the autumn/winter. By January it's all sold out!

  5. Haven't seen this yet, but then I've not been out much! Far be it from me to criticise a woman for doing some very practical and organised stocking up of her favourite items....and I have cupboards full of stuff to back me up!


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