Friday 17 January 2014

Crochet and Pixie Love

Well my plan to not start any new projects was foiled this week by this incident!

Yes, my trusty, and only, pair of 7.5mm needles have reached the bitter end of their life and are no more!  This means, as of the current time, I am no longer able to continue with my blue cardigan - and I'm on the sleeves already!

Of course, I could easily have moved to one of my other WIPs in order to find something to keep my fingers amused, but that wasn't going to happen - was it?!

Oh no siree bob (whoever he is), I used this opportunity to start on the crochet shawl inspired by the delightful Pixie over at The Crafte Nook  I found it on pin interest and immediately wanted to make my own.  She wonderfully sent me a sample and a diagram to help me on my way.

The picture that started it all!

I'm not the best at decoding patterns though, so pondered a while about how to make said triangle.  Then I remembered, for my birthday I had this wonderful book bought for me - and inside were triangles!!!!

Last night I made this beauty

I was very proud and went to sleep dreaming of crochet shawls.

Then at 3am the 5 year old woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep, there was something wrong with my triangle! I spent 30 minutes looking at it, and studying pin interest and then realised, I needed to make a two-sided triangle instead!

Pixie's shawl

This would have to wait until the morning but I went back to sleep happier knowing that I could find a way to solve my problem!

This morning I used the fabulous You Tube to find a how-to for a half granny square (for this is what it's called) and began.  This is where I got to before having to go to work today.  I think it's looking mighty fine!

I also got some fantastic post today, I ordered this beautiful broach from Pixie and it arrived this morning.  Gorgeous isn't it?!

As modelled by Pixie herself

As modelled by me on my furry gillet

Did you get any nice post today?

G x


  1. I have that shawl pinned too!! It is beautiful, I hope that you love making and wearing it. Hope that you get some new knitting needles soon so that you can finish off your jumper! xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the needle catastrophe! But you have remedied the situation beautifully by figuring out how to make that pretty shawl! Chrissie x

  3. ...Oh dear bloggy friend, thank you for the lovely little post with my little 'Nook shawl' taking centre stage.....hugs hugs hugs....
    And the beginning of your shawl is looking goooood, great choice of colours, what i like about this oh so simple pattern is that the ideas are endless....differant yarn thicknesses - differant size hooks - differant colour combos - differant edging.....endless..
    And the watch brooch looks all snuggly on your gilet......made for it i think ;)

    Huggy hugs sweetie pie x

  4. Oooo that shawl is going to be a beauty! X

  5. How can you live with only one pair of any size needle? ;0)
    I am a total novice at crochet but I love the look of that Half Granny Square. I have only this afternoon been watching a Granny Square You tube. So many crafts, so little time.
    Hugs x

    1. Good question Cally - I have multiple ones in almost every other size bar these! It will be remedied x


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