Sunday 15 June 2014

Caravan paint woes

Oh I have an Agatha dilemma.

The intension was always to paint her on the outside; inside, aside from changing the fabric, I wanted to keep her looking original so nothing (except the loo and sink) is being removed.

Last year I chose paint.  Blue, grey.  My intention was to have her looking like a caravan that Sharon, from the happy caravan revamped.  This was my intention.

I cleaned the caravan today in preparation for her paint-job.  Hubby opened the paint, just to stir it and check the colour.

I do not like the colour.  It looks like the colour of a war ambulance.  I do not want Agatha van to look like a war ambulance.

In hubby's head, he is painting the whole of the side with the door on it (the side you can see from the house). 

In my head, we were only ever painting across the middle. 

I do not know what to do.  Caravan paint is not tres cheap and I can't really waste what I have.  I want her to look pretty, not utility.  (Hubby has pointed out that Agatha will be having a pretty decking area at the front of her (her wheels have now been removed and she is on bricks ready) so the paint will not make her look utilitarian).

I am stuck.

G x

p.s. thank you for all your kind comments regarding the horrid hayfever.  The eye mask is working and I am sleeping better - are they related, who knows, but I will continue nonetheless until it fails!


  1. I'm with you, I don't know if I would like the whole side painted in that color. But maybe it will be lighter/softer when it's dry? Some paints do that. Good luck. :)

  2. I know nothing about painting caravans, just so that you know first. If you've bought the paint and cant take it back having opened it then maybe some small pots of caravan coloured paint wouldn't be too expensive. Then would it be possible to do it in the expensive war ambulance colour as a base and then do some freeform arty-craftiness with some other colours like flowers or outlining?

  3. Oh dear Ginny, I hope that you can work it out! If you are not sure about the colour, I definitely think that a stripe around the middle is the way to go as there will be less of the colour then, and if you really like it, you can always paint the rest later can't you. In any case, I hope that you are happy with whatever the result ends up being. xx

  4. It's not as bad as you think - I definitely see a darker blue, not the utilitarian grey of that truck. But I would stick to just the stripe, it may overwhelm the little caravan if the entire side is dark...and you can always paint on some happy flowers or something! Chrissie x

  5. How about this colour at the top and bottom and a lighter blue in the middle

  6. never paint with a colour you do not love, it will drive you nutso every time you look at it.
    save pennies and get the colour you want, put the waste of pennies down to an unlucky mistake and donate the unloved paint to a worthy charity... thats what i would do :)
    much love xxx

  7. Dare I say - I think it looks quite nice! I can imagine it setting off other colours beautifully and see bright flowers and greenery breaking it up a bit x Jane

  8. I think it looks more bluey than utilitarian grey too and think it will be a fab base for adding some flowers, butterflies and bees... You could always buy a small pot of cream and add the amount of grey you'll need to it... Have fun don't be glum... Cass x

  9. Dare I say polka dots but just on the middle bit? xx

  10. Oh such a difficult one! But I think if you don't like the colour...don't use it, because you will only want to do it again in the colour you really want. Hope you work it out.
    Marianne x

  11. Use the grey as the middle stripe with pastel thinner stripes?
    But in the end just go with your gut, tis a v important decision.

  12. bless you for commenting,was wondering if anyone still out there. love the caravan and I made and use the sleepy eye pads. happy sunny days to you hx


  13. Oh dear -
    If you paint it war ambulance grey, that's all you'll ever think of when entering your little retreat that you bought JUST FOR YOU. Bite the bullet - mix in another color? or chuck it - what price for happiness?

  14. yep, I think another's a bummer but you might be happier! x


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