Thursday 5 June 2014

Chloe Tells You How...To Sew

I've got a lovely new craft book to share with you today.  It's from the fabulous Chloe Owens, author of All Sewn Up which I love.

  Her new book is called Chloe tells you sew and it's a brilliant reminder of all things 1970s from my childhood.

In some ways, it reminded me of a Twinkle annual with it's layout, and quirky cartoon-strip feel.  Not only are there craft activities in there, there are also games to play!

There are over 30 projects in the book to make.  I showed it to my girls, and they pointed out most of the projects that they wanted me to make for them.

So if bright clashing floral fabrics are your thing, and you fancy making a false beard, or felt ball garland, then like me, you'll love this book.  I'm off to make a few Jammie Dodger biscuits.  See ya!

G x


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