Tuesday 16 September 2014

ABC Crochet

ABC Crochet - an alphabet of Amigurumi animals by Mitsuki Hoshi
Published by Harper Collins 360
31st July 2014
Hardback Edition
Now, I've not attempted any Amigurumi, yet, but I think this new book by Mitsuki Hoshi might be the one that starts me on my journey.  It's an alphabet of animals from an Alligator through to a Yak.  There is no Z for Zebra, but Z is for Zoo instead!  I did think there would be patterns in the book for every animal, but no, that is not the way Amigurumi works.  Most of the animals are made from the same pattern, so you don't need to include twenty six versions of the same thing!
The book contains some basic instructions for learning the basics of Amigurumi, and of how to read the description so you know what you're doing -very important! Then it shows you the patterns in pictoral form and then shows you, step by step, with photos how to make each part.  I don't think it could be much clearer than that!
The book gives a complete break-down for completing the bear, right through to the assembly part.  It then shows you how to do some of the other animals, though in a more concise way - a seal, a rabbit, a koala, a lion, a chicken, a duck, a hamster, an otter and a panda.  Once you've mastered these, you should be able to do the whole book!
Happy hooking!
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