Tuesday 23 September 2014

The tale of Burda 7798

Thank you for all of your lovely comments re my sewing doubt.  The very next day I decided to just 'go for it' and start sewing whatever happened.  I did make one change though, and decided not to start with the dress, but to do the sleeveless top first - I don't get on very well with sewing sleeves!  I chose a different fabric that I had brought with top sewing in mind, and began!

Advice had been to cut a size larger than I am as the pattern comes up small, so I went to a 14 instead of a 12.  The instructions were self explanatory and I didn't have any problems until I came to sew the bias on the neckline, and after a number of efforts, realised I'd used the armhole piece instead and that's why it didn't fit properly!!!!!

As usual, the zip and I fell out big style.  I need to learn to sew a zip properly.  I make it up, I do it wrong.  I get it in, in the end, but it takes hours and hours!!!!!!

So here it is, ta-dah!  It does fit, but the neckline isn't as close fitting as I had hoped it would be.  I don't know if this is the style of the top, because I went up a size, or did something wrong.  Not sure how to rectify it at the mo.

I did wear it on Sunday though and it was fine.  So I'm pleased.  Just took me a long time to complete!  I'm not sure I'm going to tackle the dress until I can sort the neckline out though, so bear with me on that one!

I did make a cake to go with the top-wearing though.  I used Lisa Faulkner's chocolate cake recipe and then finished it off with kit kats and m&ms.  There is still half left if anyone wants some?!

My tiny owl knits cowl is on the backburner for a while as a friend has asked me to commission a blanket for her new baby daughter.  We looked at flowers initially but I couldn't work out how to get them to join for a blanket, so we are going for tiny squares, and dots as she is a Dottie!  I'm using Stylecraft wool which I've not used before, but know that Lucy for Attic 24 recommends it, and I have to say, I'm impressed.  I also ordered it from Wool Warehouse and it came in a lovely drawstring bag to keep it all in!

Today is the first day of Autumn - can't wait to get the woolly tights out!

G x


  1. Oh dear best not listen to me anymore!!
    I am going to make this again with long sleeves very soon....so i will take a look at the neckline again?
    D x

  2. I have no advice as you will know that I am not a sewer (as in a person that sews! I always feel I have to clarify that!), but it looks great on you, although I understand the want to have these things fitting just right. I hope that you can get up the courage to try the dress. I too have zip phobia, but I have seen these pretty zips that have a decorative edge that you kind of sew on top (the outside) of whatever you are making, I don't know if they are long enough for clothes, but I wondered if that might help you? Good luck whatever you decide, I am sure you will do a great job. xx

  3. You are a super hero woman!
    She sews!
    She crochets (tres hard, can't do that).
    She bakes (even tres- er harder, really can't do that!)
    I am in awe x

  4. The cake looks good, really like the top and love the crochet :)

  5. Oh do the dress! You're good at this! Glad you got my correspondence ;) ... Bee xx


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