Tuesday 7 October 2014

Woodland stitching

Last week was a busy one - the sewing machine worked her socks off for me, and by Friday I was shattered!  It was the little one's birthday, and she has decided that for her new bedroom (that won't be ready til next year!) that her presents should be for her room which is to have a woodland theme!  She didn't want any toys or games or books - and she's only 6!  I got her some clothes but then decided that I'd make some bits for her new bedroom.
I found this bedding in Asda and she was happy with that so at least we had a starting point!

Then I decided to make some cushions for her room.  I searched that wonderful place Pinterest for some inspiration and decided that I would make two cushions - one with toadstools on it, and the other being a fox design. 

She loved them thankfully.  Then came the challenge.  I'd seen a toadstool cushion to go onto an Ikea stool that I thought would be perfect for her room - only prob was that when hubby went to Ikea, they had sold out of the stool I wanted.  We did a bit of searching but couldn't find one that was suitable.  Then, the day before her birthday, hubby had a brainwave - we'd make the stool, the whole kit and caboodle by ourselves! 

He found a stump from the garden, cut and nailed some mdf to it, and then left me to do the rest.  This is the result:

When she was asked in assembly what she had for her birthday, she replied 'a toadstool'.  I don't know if anyone believed her though!

Then it was just a case of making 32 toadstool cupcakes for her class to eat on her birthday - easy peasy really!

By Thursday I was ready for a rest, only I had to make 5 tutus for the now 6 year olds' ballet class as they were performing in a parade on Saturday as ballerina fairies.  Four metres of stitching netting is a little trying but thankfully all were finished and the girls looked fabulous on the day.

I'm off for a lie-down!

G x


  1. Oh my! I can see why you need a lie down. Everything looks wonderful, and I am sure that your daughters bedroom is lovely and that she had a great birthday!! xx

  2. Wha a lucky lucky girl!
    And what great taste she has already!

  3. what a grest theme, love the cushionsx

  4. Wow what a busy bee you have been toadstool is fab!


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