Thursday 23 October 2014

Pamper Your Pooch

Pamper Your Pooch by Rachelle Blondel
Published by Kyle Books
25th September 2014
Hardback Edition
They say that dog is a man's (and woman's!) best friend - so show your pooch how much you care by making any one of the 30 lovingly handcrafted projects in this book. Divided into four chapters - Eat, Nest, Play, Wear - the ideas are practical as well as cute and include everything, from the Rest A Weary Head Bed, Plaited Fetch Toy and Travelling Dog Bed to the Jaunty Neckerchief and Bow Tie for Boys, and allow you to pamper your pet without spending a fortune. There is even a Bath Day Towel and Muddy Paw Towel, as well as a Dog Coat for the fashionable four-legged friend and recipes for Bitesize Biscuits and the ultimate Doggie Birthday Cake!
Yes people, you did read that correctly - Rachelle Blondel, co-writer of Granny Chic with Tif Fussell, has written a second book, and this time it's for dog lovers everywhere!  Pamper Your Pooch is exactly that - 30 ideas to make your dog, and ultimately you, happy.  There are recipes for doggy treats, clothing ideas and toys to make for the four-legged companion in your life (and if you don't have a dog, you can treat your cat too I'm sure)!  There are lots of photos to accompany each project, taken by Kate Whittaker, including Rachelle's own dog Stanley getting in on the action!
Stanley modelling his dandy dog coat
My girls loved this book - from the first page they were saying 'oh make this mummy' 'or this' - basically I think they selected the whole book to be recreated for our two dogs here!
My first task I think though is to bling up our dog leads as they are looking a touch shabby! I think a new crocheted lead will be just the ticket!  Add it to your Christmas list, quick!
G x


  1. I saw this in a craft/sewing mag recently - I did wonder how the projects would work out iin real life - we have a boxer and springer!!!! :)

    1. Am sure, knowing Rachelle, they would adjust accordingly. Lots of things for every dog in there though.


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