Thursday 9 October 2014

My Rag Doll

My Rag Doll by Corinne Crasbercu
Published by David and Charles
14th May 2014
Paperback Edition

This is the ultimate rag doll sewing book. Learn to sew cute rag dolls and their gorgeous clothes to make the perfect present for little girls. There are 11 adorable dolls to choose from, each with their own charming outfits. Each doll has her own name and personality and will delight children and adults alike. 
The step by step sewing instructions are suitable for intermediate to experienced sewists, as well as very enthusiastic beginners! The basic doll pattern can be used to sew all the dolls and then altered according to hair and eye colour and hair style. Includes full-sized templates for the doll, clothes and accessories.
The dolls come with a variety of hair colours and styles and their own individual outfits. Choose from Fleur who has pigtails and her own doll sized knitting bag; Jean who likes the outdoors with her red boots and dungarees; and Red who has gorgeous red hair and a fabulous red cloak to match.
There is a summer time doll with cute espadrilles and straw bonnet, a ballerina doll with a tutu and tiara, a wedding doll with a beautiful dress and veil and a bedtime dolly with her own nightdress and matching teddy. And don't forget the delightful school girl doll with her own very special school satchel.
There is no doubting, visually, this is a beautiful book.  I could have included all the photos right here because they are all so gorgeous! I first saw it advertised in Love Sewing magazine and requested a copy from the publishers.  Initially there was a problem in that the book came with the patterns needing to be enlarged by a further 40% but now they are available to download for free online.  How easy it is going to be to actually make the dolls and their beautiful outfits is another question entirely but if they look like the contents of this book, I'd have two very happy girlies!
The patterns contain full written instructions, but they aren't accompanied by photographs detailing each stage, which if you are a visual learner, like me, makes it a bit harder, but then I just like to be spoon-fed instructions!  I'm thinking if I started now, I might have a doll made for Christmas?!
G x


  1. My 3 year old Granddaughter will not entertain a doll, pooh!!! I made a beautiful baby bunny in a basket for her when her little brother was born in May, she was most unimpressed.
    She wants cars, stickers and drawing. What am I to do? ;0)

    1. Oh fiddlesticks! Make one for yourself instead?! x

  2. I have this book Ginny but I've put off making one because of having to enlarge the patterns - I'm glad to hear they're available online, can you tell me where??

    1. I think it's
      Hope that helps Gill x

  3. Sew sweet....x
    have just linked to you in a blog post on that burda pattern too!
    d aka a x

  4. How tall are the dolls? I do love the clothing, and the dolls too, but I have a rag doll of about 18" (5cm) tall whom I woul love to redress in something a little more exciting than her current early 20th century black dress. Very dull!
    Recently, I have bought rather a lot of craft books that have not quite hit the mark for me and I'm reluctant to make another mistake....

  5. Have scoured the book but can't see what size the dolls come up at :(


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