Saturday 14 February 2015

A bit more knitting

I've been knitting a bit more than usual recently (though not this past week and a half as I'm teaching full-time for the next few weeks which leaves me so tired I'm no good for anything).  I decided that I'd like to make a hat for my friend's baby girl and because there was a lovely one in the More Last Minute Knitted Gifts book, I thought I'd give that a go. 

Nope, sorry, just don't understand them old instructions one little bit so it was back to the drawing board.  I flicked around on Ravelry and there I saw a gorgeous hat called Twiglet Pixie by Robyn Devine and that was it - sorted. 

I went onto her website for the pattern and then found one called Midtown Ribbed Pixie which looked a little more suited to the winter weather.  It took me a couple of hours to knit up in cream aran and I'd quite happy with it.

My friend's baby wasn't quite so keen but I'm hoping that's because she was feeling under the weather when we popped it upon her tiny head!  I'm now about to begin another for her from one of my Debbie Bliss books - the pompon beret!

I've also started a second blanket, this time for my yoga class.  The only problem being that my class is on a Tuesday morning and I've already missed 2 of the sessions I've paid for by having to work, and as I'm scheduled to be there for a few more weeks there won't be much yoga of my 10 week block remaining!  I decided that I'd do a simple garter stitch stripe pattern on circular needles, and due to my incompetence, have started using the wool I bought for my Tiny Owl Knits cowl.  I didn't realise until I'd finished it that I bought 6x100g balls of wool and not 6x50g balls of wool, hence the enormous amount left over!  I've since bought two more colours to add to the mix, a purple shade, and a dark grey though I may need more if it doesn't knit up big enough with what I've got here.

Now, mentioning blankets, I wanted to share this recent purchase with you, as I love it and think some of you might love it too.  Rachelle of Ted & Agnes fame posted  a photo on Instagram the other week of a blanket she had just purchased - a pure wool tartan one.  Oooh I thought, nice, I'll check out the website, thinking full well that it would be out of my price range - we are trying to be sensible this month!

A quick trip over to The Future Kept and I discovered that not only did the said blanket come in a fab range of colours but was also a mere £17!!!!!  These blankets are made in England and are 100% recycled from the remnants of other wool blankets so each one is unique.  I couldn't believed what value that was, so I ordered one pronto. 

I chose this Mountain colourway as the plan is for it to live in Enid caravan as it's perfect for snuggling under when we go away.  At the moment it's on the sofa and is a popular choice with everyone here.  Come to think of it, I think my mum is after one too!  If you don't want a blanket/throw/rug thing then do pop on over to their website anyway as they have lots of beautiful things on there.

G x


  1. Now you've got me trying to justify to myself that another blanket would not only be desirable but deeply necessary! I think I'm just going to have to buy a caravan to put one in!! Love the colours on your knitted blanket too - really snuggly. Hope you're enjoying the half term break x Jane

  2. Oo what a temptress you are....I'm sure I could fit in another blanket somewhere! Ha!
    Lovely knitting too! X

  3. Fab knitting, those wee hats are so cute.
    Marianne x

  4. Oh the lure of blankets! I know it so very well! xx

  5. Cute hats and I also love that lilac and grey colour combo!


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