Saturday 13 June 2015

It's all about the eyes

Never watch QVC when you're feeling a little low, you can always find something to spend your pennies on - in my opinion!  The beauty hour was on at my parents' house the other week, and I got sucked in whilst in the kitchen to an eye make-up company called Eyeko.  I've never heard of them before, but they only specialise in eye make-up, and even Alexa Chung is a fan!  I watched the demo and was suitably impressed but then left to return on my journey home.

Over 2 hours later though I was still thinking about these products - me who spends about £1.50 on mascara was suddenly debating buying a product that retails for £20!  I know, £20 for a mascara, bloody ridiculous if you ask me!

I'll just have a quick look on the website I thought, see if the offer they had on was still available.  Just a look mind you....

There it was - two mascaras, one eyebrow pencil and one eyeliner for under £30 with p&p.  If I brought them individually, it would cost me nearly £80 - the results on the screen did look impressive....

I ordered it.  I must have been insane.  Would this be a total waste of money?  So far, I've only used the skinny brush mascara and the making eyes eyeliner pencil and I have to say I love them both.  Yes they are costly but the eyeliner goes on like a dream and stays put which is a bonus, and I have never noticed my eyelashes looking so long as they do with the mascara - its fabulous. 

What's your biggest make-up splurge?  I won't tell anyone!

G x


  1. Just don't EVER let me walk past a Bare Minerals counter..... X

  2. With me it is more likely to be plants that I splurge on! Not quite the same! xx

  3. A Dior foundation and lip balm. I had a voucher for HOfF for my 50th so had money to burn. They were expensive but well worth it in terms of quality. I am a make up addict which doesn't help matters!


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