Saturday 30 May 2015

Not another wool order

Oh yes, the curse of the wool addiction continues.  This time in the form of a Ravelry pattern that I've seen loads on pinterest, and most recently on Sophie's blog nest

How gorgeous is this sweater?  Incredibly so, in my humble opinion, and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's called 'climb every mountain' which just made me want it even more! I've just downloaded the pattern - and kind of freaked myself out by how complicated it looks, but I've committed now. 

This is the version I saw on pinterest in straw
An email to wool warehouse two weeks ago informed me that they would have a new delivery of Cascade 220 sport wool in shortly (as I wanted the straw colourway - totally mirroring Sophie here).
It has now arrived in stock, so 7 balls of wool will be winging their way to me shortly.  I am envisaging lots of evenings at home alone soon so will have lots of time to read, knit and craft. Hopefully!

G x


  1. My other message disappeared... Or did it???? Was saying it's not as scary as it looks you will be fine. You tube was my best friend xx

    1. It did Sophie!!! Thanks for your optimism, I'll be using You Tube permanently and failing that, messaging you lots! x


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