Friday 24 July 2015

Hair today

I think this is the first time in about 30 years where I don't actually know what colour I want my hair to be!  It's been every shade going since my early teens but recently I've reached a slump where I'm not content with what colour it is, nor can I decide what I actually want.  In the past five years alone, it's been red, brown and blonde and now I fancy a change.

Actually what I want to do is to grow the colour out and just embrace the grey strands that are already coming through.  My hairdresser is not so keen on this, says it will age me, which may be true, but I really want this to happen - just to see.

My hair is currently like this, so I am thinking to chop off some of the bottom so that there is less colour on it, and then to proceed with the growing out colour process.  I love going to the hairdresser and having my hair done, but it grows rather quickly which makes any colour time-consuming, frequent and costly.  Lauren over at has just spent the past few years going through this non colouring process - she has lots of white in her hair which makes her look spectacular with her grey, in my opinion, and I don't think mine will look like this in any way shape or form, but I want to go ahead with it.  (I think I just made a joke there)!

Hair options
Anyone else going this way, or are you still reaching out for those lotions and potions?!

G x


  1. Me me me! My hair grows fast and is a bit curly and mental. I've had all sorts of hair colours too since my teens, but recent the greys seem to be coming through faster then ever. I had loads of thick blond streaks put in recently, which I'm pleased with at the moment. I only had to dye my fringe recently!!! I'm a real fiddler when it comes to my hair, and although I love having long hair, I never ever wear it down. I can't quite embrace the grey coming through whole heartedly yet, but it won't be long before I do...

  2. Hi Ginny. Loving the red! I have my hair dyed very, very infrequently so normally go for a full red head or blonde streaks. I am currently embracing the grey which is coming through. I've always been a low maintenance girl in every sense of the word so I'm cool with it for now.

  3. I'm hoping that when and if my hair decides to grow back it will come back pure white (someone once told me that happened to their friend who had alopecia.) how cool would that be!
    Then I'd have a lilac tint on it.
    Sorry, I've just realised that that has been of no help to you at all! X

  4. Definitely think embracing the grey could be fun. Have a funky cut to go with it... I have started noticing my first few greys. I have never died my hair and am completely in two minds about whether to go grey gracefully or to start going different colours.

  5. letting the dye grow out of my hair was the best thing I have done with it in a long time, although I do like your red hair!...but anyway, I know feel the most like me I have for a while. It is pretty grey, but I am so glad to be done with those roots....and the root watching I used to do. Also not so toxic anymore and cheaper. I do love a choppy bob. Good luck, I think the summer is best time to grow out hair dye because the ends will lighten in the sun and look less obvious. X


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