Monday 5 October 2015

my happy place

Is anyone still out there?!  Apologies, it's been a while again since I've blogged anything but I'm here now!  This summer, Agatha van finally got electricity which means that she can now be used as my crafting caravan and not just a storage area for my bits and bobs.  By the way, if you follow me over on Instagram (@thecraftyreader) then close this page down now as you'll have seen all these photos before!!!!

My first task was to bring everything down to start storing it properly within her many cupboards.  It took a while, but I'm happy with where everything is now located.

Cause right now I need a happy place to be
Then I had to start adding a bit of 'me' decoration to her.  Some fabric and wool bunting across the window, and photos of my family and blogging buddies makes me happy.  Can you spot Lazy Daisy Jones and Mrs Bertmius here?!

The next job is to get round to furnish her properly.  She's just had a new carpet and I've changed the curtains. 
before and after

It's the seats to do next but that's going to take a bit of time to get perfect and I'm not going to rush it.  I also need to check I've brought enough fabric to do it all!

I also made a few cushion covers, none of them match, but I used fabrics that make me smile, as well as a few purchased ones, including my dottie angel cushion cover.


This is my happy place.

G x


  1. Glad to see it finished...your safe haven away from the crazy world xxx

  2. So happy you finally have moved in....its going to be lovely...does she tour? If so you must visit Dorset!!!
    Ps I know she is a craft room, but wouldn't it be funny...' Agatha on Tour'
    best wishes to you
    Ash xx

    1. Alas touring no, especially as she now has no toilet, but Enid does! x

  3. Hey Ginny. Loving that. What a scrummy place to do your stuff. Can't wait until I can get my girly room in the cellar, trust me it will be fab, so I can do my thing.x

  4. I so love your little Agatha van x

  5. Looking very lovely and cosy, I'll pop round for a cuppa then xx


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