Sunday 17 March 2013

Aprons and Silver Spoons

The other day, whilst lighting the fire, I imagined myself as a housemaid in a 1900s London house preparing the fire for the mistress of the house whilst she slept and I crept around doing my chores - as I'm sure many others do too!

This week, while shopping, I happened to find myself in the book aisle of my local supermarket and my eyes fell on this beautiful book.  It's called Aprons and Silver Spoons by Mollie Moran and is all about the life of a kitchen maid in the 1930s.  Well fancy!

I love this cover

Mollie Moran is still alive, though nearly 100 now and this is a lovely book, full of her memories of her time serving the gentry, accompanied with photos and recipes from the time!  I'm so glad I'm not a maid!

This week also saw a crochet challenge between Lottie and myself.  Those of you who read Lazy Daisy Jones' blog will know that she has already made a load of squares for her blanket from Mollie Makes issue 24.  When I saw Lottie on Monday, I asked if she fancied making this blanket too.  We decided that we could just about manage these squares even with our limited crocheting skills!

A trip to the wool shop later and we were off.  I have to admit, Lottie got to grips with the squares much quicker than I did, and by the time she left for home, had nearly completed one, whilst I had unravelled my attempt to begin again.

Lottie's granny squares

We have both persevered though and I've made 9 squares out of the 80 it suggests!

Must take better photos!

On a less joyful note, the oven broke on Mother's Day so I've spent the week trying to feed the family without an oven at hand.  I've missed baking and the eggs are stacking up.  Thankfully a new one (well, two actually) will be delivered on Tuesday - boy am I going to go wild with those cakes!
I hope you've enjoyed your week too.

G x


  1. Oh I would love to read this book ... my granny was a maid in Belfast around the same time ... she passed away nearly 4 years ago and was 95 when she died ... she used to tell me stories of working in the 'big house' as she called it ... thanks for sharing and happy baking ... Bee xx

    1. Oh Bee, how lovely. My grandfather used to work in a jam doughnut factory!

  2. What a lovely name for a blog - crafting always beats cleaning in my book, in fact these days not sure what cleaning is!
    Can't imagine life without an oven - or do I mean life without cake, happy baking tomorrow :)

  3. That book looks wonderful, will put it on my list of things to do in the easter hols, thats my special list and no one elses,
    keep going with the squares they are on the same list, but you have inspired me to do a few more now....
    d x

  4. The book is very good. I loved Mr Rosenblum by the way and read an extract from it at the library last week. I've made 13 squares so far. A long way still to go!

  5. Hi G,just found You through Daisy,I love the look of that book. Well done on the crochet,I'm totally addicted :)Xxxx


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