Monday 4 March 2013

Zoo Capers

Yesterday we ventured out into the sunsine and went on our monthly trip to Chester Zoo.  I say monthly trip for that was the intention when we luckily were given zoo membership for a year for Christmas.  We went initially on New Years Day, full of high hopes of returning again in February only for other things to take priority, and before we knew it, March had arrived.

Giddy up Nellie!

What a difference two months makes though, new animals have been born since our last visit, and many of the more obscure animals were visible as they were making full use of our limited British sunshine.

January's new arrivals

Another new baby!

Sunbathing Cheetas

(Apologies for the poor picture quality - this time I didn't take the camera, only my phone!)

We still didn't see the Spectacled Bears or the Red Pandas though.

I guess that's for April?!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too

G x


  1. G that monkey in the blanket with her babe!....too tooo gorgeous....D x

  2. Even more so this time were the orangutans playing chase - one put a sack over its head and chased the other like a ghost whilst doing roly-polys at the same time! I love the zoo.

  3. Great elephant photo ... we love the zoo too ... it is a great day out ... Bee xx


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