Friday 29 March 2013

I spy with my little eye...

...something beginning with C

Crafty magazine

I was actually looking for the new Inside Crochet magazine which they didn't have but this caught my eye so I had to buy it!

This is issue 1.  It's got lots of interesting articles in it on photography and grafitti artwork.

It's also got this piece on making insects.  I love these images of insects to make yourself.

There is also this tote bag to make.

And a piece on simple paper sculpture.

And chair upcycling!

There is also an interview with the lovely Laura Clempson who blogs under cupcakes for clara

Owls to knit plus lots more, and it comes with a piece of calico with three project ideas to use it with.

I love the paper it's printed on - that thick, heavy matt stuff.  It smells nice too!

Not only have I got my Great British Sewing Bee book to look at (still), my parents bought me some books for Easter

Hope you're having a crafty Easter too!

G x


  1. that magazine looks amazing! where did you find it?? love the bugs! and i love thick nice smelly magazines too (that sounds a bit odd doesnt it!!!!) XXX

    1. Thanks Caroline. I found it in Sainsburys today. I not only like to smell them, but stroke them too - guess that's odder!!!!!!

  2. I love the insects ... I have one winging it's way to me in the post ... thanks for the sneak peek ... Bee xx

  3. G have bought this on your recommendation! i like...
    also what is 'tilly's blog address...can't find...D x


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