Tuesday 3 September 2013

Ringing in the changes

Oh yes, along with the change of the seasons comes change here.  The first change is the 4 year old starting big school today.  I didn't cry, though I did last night just thinking about her in her big school girl uniform and not being here talking constantly and keeping me company.  I know she will be loving it.

New Quality Street tin found in Matlock

The next big change is me - weight gain, not good!  I don't know what has happened but I weigh more now than I have ever done, and I am not happy about it.  If the weight went on everywhere then it would be okay I think but it goes onto my face - no good, and my stomach - even worse, so something has to be done!

Sweet new plastic pots for storing bits in

I've started zumba in the weeks which hasn't been too bad considering I haven't been in a gym in 7 years!  I used to go three times a week to the gym and to exercise classes, then I got married, got pregnant on my honeymoon and that was the end of that!  No more! 

New wicker basket
 To go alongside the zumba, this month sees the start of undertaking the 30 day Shred care of Jillian Anderson.  Believe me, if you haven't heard of it, give it a google search and see what I'm talking about!  £5 for the dvd and I'm on day 3.  I've discovered muscles in my legs that I had clearly forgotten that I had!  But for 20 minutes a day I'm determined to keep it up.

Necklace from paperpiedesign
Along with my littleist going back to school, I've had to rethink my role too, and am considering going back to teaching after a 7 year career break.  Before I had the 7 year old, I was Head of History at an 11-16 school.  I haven't set foot in a classroom professionally since but am thinking about moving across to the primary sector.  I start as a volunteer next week for one day a week at my girlies' school and once I'm up to speed with the primary sector I can start applying for jobs - part-time jobs that is, for I am not returning to the job full-time for I fear that will break me.

Gorgeous new broach from love and buttons

So that's September sorted for me, exercising and teaching away, with a little bit of crafting, reading and baking thrown in, plus hopefully a trip oop North to Yarndale at the end of the month. 

What will you be up to?!

G x

By the way I know the photos have no relevance to this post whatsoever but they are my recent treasures and I wanted to share them!


  1. Good luck with all the changes you have going on in your life. I work part time (28 hours per week) and actually love it as I feel it makes me enjoy my time as a mummy more.
    M x

  2. The tin the tin oh thats a lovely one dearest G...I am back at work 2 plays and a big musical this by the end of year...!!!
    d x

  3. Hi There,
    Like you I was a primary school teacher here in NZ before babies and once my littlest went to school three years ago I started to pick up relief here and there. It is great because you can pick and choose your days, no paper work, no reports, no real responsibility. I love it! However the balance between working and home is a little out of kilter as I seem to be working a whole lot more than I would like. But the bank balance looks good, house not so much!
    Give the teaching a go. It is nice to hang out with adults again. I am sure you will have a great time.
    All the best,


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