Monday 9 September 2013

This week

Has seen the temperatures drop a bit.  It's feeling colder here, and I have already been tempted to light the logburner for a bit of cosy warmth.  However, I have resisited as once I start then I know I shall continue, so I keep reminding myself it is still only September.  Plans for installing a new boiler are underway but apparently we need to choose a kitchen first - this is proving difficult as nothing is giving us the wow factor despite having looked in every kitchen showroom possible - any suggestions?!  Although a trip to Ikea did turn up these beauties!

As the girlies have been feeling the chill in the mornings when they wake up, I rustled up some quick blankets for them to snuggle under while on the sofa using an old duvet cover and a fleece blanket.  They should have been quick and simple but for some reason took me an age to do!

I found some delightful reading material in the supermarket yesterday, just looking forward to sitting down with it now.  I love discovering new magazines, infact I've just resubscribed to Red magazine after cancelling it a year ago after a continuous 8 years of subscribing.  I found that having 4 magazines a month delivered meant I no-longer got to read it, so cancelled it, along with 2 other magazines.  However now I'm back to just getting Mollie Makes so when they sent me an email saying I could get 12 issues for £12 I relented!  First issue due next month.

Hubby treated me to these beauties from ebay - in perfect condition.  I've also found a gorgeous vegetable pyrex dish and a junior Lilliput typewriter that I'm just waiting for the postie to deliver!  I love ebay, don't you?

Tomorrow sees me start at the girlies big school in my bid to decide if I want to return to teaching.  I'm nervous but excited to see where this will take me.  Wish me luck.

G x

ps thank you for all your kind comments; I love hearing what you think of my blog, it makes me smile!


  1. Good Luck G i hope you enjoy it....I love your blog posts by the way
    ...chilly but sunny here today...bestets x

  2. Hope you enjoy your first day, I love back to school because it means new stationery purchases!
    Am reading a book called 'Teach Like A Champion' it is fantastic x

  3. Best of luck with your big decision...and I am a magazine addict, too, I want to hear your review of the new one! Chrissie x


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