Thursday 19 September 2013

This week

I've got lots I want to acomplish, though maybe this post should be called this month instead...?

Books to write reviews for - finished both of these this week, very good!  Reviews up soon.

Books to read to write reviews for - the pile grows weekly!

Books to read for my Book Groups.  I've got until next month to finish The White Queen but the Dodie Smith has to be read by Monday night!  Thankfully it's not a long one (and the font is big too)!

Knitting to begin - my new order from wool4less arrived this week - they were having a 40% off sale last week - I got 7 balls of wool, plus the pattern and delivery for under £20!  The crazy thing is, the pattern is for a cable cardigan and I've never cabled before!  Better get watching You Tube videos first I think!

I've almost finished the dreaded poncho.  Do you remember the tale?  I started it, realised the pattern was wrong, had to start again, did loads (again) following the pattern only to discover that the number of rows stated did not match the length required so had to unwind and restart.  Last night I ran out of wool with only 10cm left to knit of the collar!  I phoned wool4less but they don't have any of the dye number in stock.  Am keeping my fingers crossed that she can get the same lot number for me, or the collar may just be a tad different in shade!  I'll be so glad when it's finished!

As it's getting chillier, I need to get on with the crochet blankets I started.  The variegated one from Mollie Makes magazine is about halfway to being finished!  Only about another 40 squares to go!

The nearly 5 year old mentioned today that her ballet cardigan has not been finished and she starts ballet again tomorrow.  It won't be done!

It's harvest festival tomorrow.  The nearly 5 year old is not happy that I can't go to watch her in church as I'll be at work.  Made up fruit and vegetable boxes last night to take in tomorrow.

Did a bit of shopping on Monday in order to try to get presents for a certain someone's birthday (the 4 year old), not too successful but I did get a new hairdryer and these along the way!  Naughty mummy!

Still not sure about the colour though?!

Wish it would stop raining.  It's like a mud bath for the chickens and ducks.  Am sure they are not happy.

What has your week been like?!

G x


  1. ha Ha... funny mummy as ever!!
    I like the boots and the colour...just don't buy a coat to match!
    have a good thursday
    D xxx

  2. I've just finished catching up on the last few episodes of White Queen shown on bbc 1. I also have it and The Red Queen on my iPad in book form. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The boots look great, I agree with Daisy don't buy a coat to match lol.
    Oh dear not completing the cardi, mmm, sounds familiar of my days with children at school age.

    Peg xx

  3. Those last two books look interesting ... do tell all :) ... love the new boots ... Bee xx

  4. Like the look of your new knitting project! You are doing great with your crochet project too. I still have more than 300 squares to do for my blanket!
    Marianne x

  5. You are one busy lady!
    The boots are fab! Would look amazing with mustard tights x


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