Wednesday 26 March 2014

Crafty book inspiration

Oh, crafty books, oh crafty books, how much do I love thee? (sang to some rambling tune I don't think even exists, except in my own head)!

I have lots of them, only I don't always get the time to use them.

This week I pulled a load out looking for mother's day inspiration.  The first few left me feeling quite disheartened.  There was nothing of interest for me amongst any of their pages, though when I bought them, there must have been something for me to have decided to part with my pennies.

Thankfully, I found two ideas from two very different books.  The first was from my new Fiona Goble book.  More known I think for her knitting projects, this is a new book based around simple sewing ideas. (Unfortunately I can't reveal what I chose to make as my mum reads my blog - or at least I think she does)!

The other book that I found the most delightful idea in, is the Handmade Home book by Amanda Blake Soule, who some of you might know from her blog Soule Mama.  This has lots of lovely ideas in it too, and some that you probably haven't seen in other crafting books!

I decided to treat myself though and buy two new crafty books that I felt sure should have a place on my shelf.  The first is the Homemade Home book by Sania Pell, which I've had from the library before, and even if I never made anything from it, would calm me with it's beautiful photos.  I'm saving up for the Homemade Home for Children one next as that's just as lovely.


The other is a children's craft book by the fabulously quirky Donna Wilson called Creative Creatures and I'm quite sure the 5 & 7 year olds are going to have great fun choosing what to make from it.  I'm up for getting some jumpers and making my own creatures from the gorgeous illustrations inside too, so it's clearly a win-win all round!

Any crafty books singing your praises recently?  Do tell!

G x


  1. I hope that you have fun with your mothers day crafting! I am sure that your Mum will love whatever you make - and that she reads your blog (of course!!). xx

  2. I already have the Amanda Blake Soule book, in fact I forgot I had it. Silly me.
    At the mo I am making the Happy Hexagon Trivet from Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi. I ordered this copy from the Library. Great book.
    My Mum only reads Romance novels, no blogs ;0)

  3. I have a wee bit of a crafty book addiction too! Love the look of the book in the top photo, the Great British Sewing Bee is really making me want to sew more.
    Marianne x

  4. Oh i do love a craft takes a HUGE amount of will power not to buy one each time im in Waterstones....i know i would simply put it on my book shelf and probably not make anything out of it,, its just the knowing comfort that they are there, waiting on my shelf, just in case......yes, i love a craft book....and knitting books, and crochet books, and interior design books......then off course theres all the magazines......ok...must stop now, i can feel a trip to Amazon coming on....

    hugs hugs hugs x

  5. I must admit I've a fair few, maybe now I've got a sewing machine that works I might actually use some of them! Have a great weekend :) x


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