Wednesday 5 March 2014

Sunny Days

Blimey, it's dry and sunny this morning, making that a grand total of three days in a row so far!  The sun was so lovely on Monday that I got my (still not working properly) sewing machine out and decided to make a cloud cushion from my new Liberty book.

I found some aptly named Sunny Daze fabric and this is the result - not perfect, but a cheery cloud cushion nonetheless.

I also decided that I needed some new bookmarks, what with all the review titles I've got arriving at the moment - slightly snowed under there but trying not to panic.  Have I mentioned that I have a book blog?!  Do pop by and say hi if you haven't already - it's nice over there too!

The template for these comes from the lovely Chloe Owens book, but basically it's the side of a tissue box for an outline, and then two pieces of fabric and some fusible interfacing finished off with a button and some ribbon should you so choose.

I made four in the end - one for mother's day, two for me and one to go in with my giveaway book of Jelly Roll Scraps.  There is still time to enter, as it closes at the end of play this Friday.  The link is here and all you have to do is leave a comment, if you haven't already.

These two are mine

The one on the right is for the giveaway

Hope you have some sunshine too!

G x


  1. love that sunny daze fabric! I use one of your book marks all the time...its fab and pretty...d x

  2. I keep looking at the Liberty Book and wondering if I need yet another one ;0)
    Your cloud looks great and I love your bookmarks.

  3. Everything is so pretty, I really like the fabric that you have chosen for your cushion - very fitting for a cloud that looks very happy! xx

  4. Oh I love that Liberty book ... your cloud is great as are the bookmarks ... can I enter your giveaway ... Bee xx

  5. OH yes isn't it a relief to have a bit of sunshine and dryness.....and to go out without my coat on was rather lovely too , just a big chunky cardie and a scarf......bliss..
    Hope your ok dear friend and just love that cloud cushion.....xx

  6. Such sunny makes!
    I bought the cook book you told us about and it's fab! Many thanks for the recommendation x


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