Wednesday 12 March 2014

Ringing in the changes

Hmmm, it seems that spring just might be upon us, judging from the glorious weather we had over the weekend, and at the start of this week (today was a little chillier but I will not be swayed from this thought), and in lieu of one season coming to an end, and another beginning it's time for some changes here too.

Firstly me.  I've been blonde for the past three years, but recently have been umming and ahhing over whether to continue hitting the bleach bottle or not.  I did have it all cut off about a month ago but still couldn't decide what to do.  Today the decision has been made for I am now a brunette again.  At the time of typing, Mr T still hasn't seen the new 'do' so fingers crossed he likes it!  My girlies were a little surprised, especially the littlest as she was only 2 when I went blonde so doesn't remember me with dark hair!  Want to see the difference?!

From this at Christmas...

To this!

I'm also debating whether to continue my subscription to Mollie Makes magazine!  I know, shock, horror, gasp.  I have every issue but I never seem to make anything from it.  I love it, don't get me wrong, it's a lovely magazine, but surely the point of buying a crafting magazine is to craft from it, and nothing in there seems to hit the spot.  I think I need to see when my subscription is up for renewal and bite the bullet.  I think if I didn't have all of them it would be easier to do but I think it needs serious consideration.

So from something old to something new. A magazine that has caught my eye, as some of you might also have seen, is Tend and issue one has just come out.  It's an online publication edited by Debbie Qalballah from the blog my so called life and other lies and is a quarterly online magazine designed to nourish a mindful life.  For £4.75 for 200 pages it certainly seems good value for money, and the images I've seen so far, seem to show that it's going to be worth a closer look at.

I think there are various blogs running competitions to win the first copy too, so head on over to their facebook page to find out more.  I've already entered three times - think I might be splashing the cash though as I never win anything!

Anyone else ringing in the changes this week?

G x


  1. No 1 I love your hair...very very!
    No 2 I am with you all the way on Mollie makes, the last two issue have been very much 'not quite what it used to be' now it seems to be aimed at childrens crafts????
    I will have a look at Tend...sounds like its for grown ups too
    D xxxxx

  2. Wow, what a difference, looks great though!! I really liked MM when I started buying it, but the only things that I make are the free kits - which I like, but it is hardly a reason to buy a magazine. I was contemplating a subscription, but I haven't taken one out, I will give it a few more issues and then decide, I think that it may start giving it a miss! xx

    1. I took the plunge today Amy and have cancelled it - issue 39 will be the last of my subscription. I'd like to say I make the free kits, but in fact, have only ever made one of them!

  3. You look fabulous!
    Loving the new look x

  4. Do you know i did the same thing.....i have collected Molly makes from the beginning,,, but a few months ago i realised that i probably only ever looked at them once, the odd one i sometimes go back too, probably because its got something crochet or knitty in it, so i stopped getting it altogether, i have simply crochet magazine and simply knitting which is fine as i do both of those.......but TEND.....oooooh, now that looks interesting........i do love a magazine.....

    Huggy hugs friend xx
    Oh and the hair ttransformation is quite look like a differant person. x


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