Monday 28 April 2014

Grown-up books

This is the first time I have attempted this, but a single blog post linked to both of my blogs!  I decided that as the nature of today's post fits in with both of my blogs it would be a good idea to try!

Recently I made three book purchases, all by the same author.  These are not newly published books, or even new copies of said books, but books I saw on my parents' shelves growing up, and now I am a grown-up, thought I should own too.

Shall I reveal what they are?





Yes, I've been buying books by the wonderfully talented Edith Holden.  Did you know that she went got a scholarship to the Birmingham School of Art?  How difficult must that have been for a woman in the Victorian era?


Tragically she died in 1920 at only 49 years old, whilst trying to break off a bough of chestnut buds reaching out over a backwater of the Thames.  She fell into the water and drowned.

Thankfully her books live on, and her illustrations are just as wonderful today as they were then.

G x


  1. I only have one of these, Nature Notes, and didn't even know the third one existed, but they are beautiful books that are so beautifully illustrated and written aren't they! xx

  2. thats so sad but very interesting!
    d xx

  3. I love those books Ginny - they were part of my childhood too - but I never knew how she died. I'd love to have met her! Jane x

  4. I'd forgotten just how beautiful they were x

  5. Yes these are lovely books, my mum has them I


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