Thursday 1 May 2014

Sewing Bee Afternoon Tea

Did I announce that on Saturday I was having tea with David from GBSB?!  Oh yes, of course I did!

I guess you all want to know about the day then?  If not, don't bother reading further, but if you do, then carry on right now....

I went to the lovely Abakhan in Mostyn with my sewing buddy Lottie for a two hour workshop with David learning to make the leggings that are in the GBSB second book, and then for afternoon tea.  We were both fairly excited! (I even wore my sewing bee top in honour of the event)!  Upon arrival I then discovered that I had forgotten my phone, so all photos were kindly taken by Lottie on my behalf (disclaimer).

We had a look at some of the fabric outside - would this be suitable for leggings we wondered?!

It was windy - this is not my hairstyle!

After a brief lunch, it was into the dragon's den for our workshop, they have a specially designated room at the Mostyn site - check out the website for all the courses that they are offering over the next few months, there's loads!

Wish me luck!

There were 10 of us making leggings that afternoon, David was a very competent teacher, especially as it was his first ever workshop session.  We started by choosing our fabric, and then cutting out the pattern....
Mmmm, which would you choose?!


Then it was all guns blazing as we set to work on our machines - except my bloomin work wasn't playing ball - time to get the teacher in to fix it!
Now I can begin....
Looks like someone is taking a break!

Now the tricky part - pinning them together and sewing the crotch!

Oh yes! Even David was impressed!!!

Then some waistband quartering and some ankle hemming and we was finished!!!
Check me and my leggings out!
Then it was time for tea!!!
I did ask David lots of questions, and here are my improvised answers - hopefully I've remembered more-or-less what David replied and that he will be happy with what this says.
Q: Was it as cold as it looked when you stepped outside for your tea?
A: Yes!!!
Q: Is Claude totally wonderful?
A: Yes, she was very funny and the one who motivated everyone when energy levels were low.
Q: Would you do it again?
A: Definitely
Q: Did the right person win?
A: Heather is a very lovely person...
David has now started a drop-in sewing session and pattern borrowing scheme following his success on the Sewing Bee.  So if you're down his way, drop in and say hi!  (Obviously the first session has been and gone now but his contact details are here for anyone who needs them).
He is a thoroughly lovely man, and I think we all had a wonderful day out.  Thank you Abakhan for organising it!
G x


  1. Lucky you! I just adore him, and what a fa-bu-lous pair of leggings! Love the disco print...Chrissie x

  2. It looks like you had a great day - are we going to see more leggings in your sewing future???

  3. Love the leggings!!! Sounds and looks as though you had a great time, and David is obviously as lovely as he appeared to be on screen. So glad that you enjoyed it and had lots of fun. xx

  4. beckah godden1 May 2014 at 15:50

    I had my leggings on today! Had a great time

  5. Looks fab!
    Thanks for asking about Claudia! X

  6. Hi blog buddy....well it looks like you had a totally fantastic day.. how envious am I , lucky you...your leggings look brilliant, in fact so does everybody's , great post.
    Hugs Pixie xxx

  7. Oh my gosh I just read this..... where was i when you published this!!!
    Fab have you worn those leggings yet!!


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