Sunday 11 May 2014

woolly wips

Oh me, oh my, the wip, it's never-ending isn't it?

I read Daisy Jones' post on her crochet wips and thought to myself, hmmm I wonder how many I have on the go.

I hang my head in shame at the number of started, yet uncompleted, projects I have here.....

The 7 year old has asked for a cardigan, she even chose the wool herself (Patons Smoothie DK - it's horrible to use, all splity and such) - I started this an age ago and had to undo it all as it is now the next size up that she requires.  I MUST finish this for her.

Crochet blanket for Enid caravan - started but not yet finished.  It's so large now that each round takes me an hour to do!

My other crochet blanket for Enid.  This is about half-way to being finished.  But that still means I have another 40 squares to make and hook together and ends to sew in.

Granny squares cowl designed by Bunny Mummy from Simply Crochet magazine.  I'm half-way through with it now thanks to an hours worth of crochet whilst the 5 year old was at her dance class on Friday.

My cardigan - only the sleeves to do and the joining-together.  Sleeves, alas, are my nemesis - I really dislike knitting sleeves.  They bore me!

I still have the ends to sew in on my poncho; I took it away with us the other week but them mislaid my sewing needle so couldn't do it.  I finally found the needle yesterday!

I bought this pattern book plus wool to start earlier in the year - it's still in the bag!

Last week I downloaded the Ships and Seaside cowl from the fabulous Stephanie Dosen and ordered some wool (Aztec Aran) from Deramores.  I daren't start this project.  I must finish the 7 year olds cardigan with it's horrid wool choice.

I must.

I must.

I must.

G x


  1. So many WIPs and so little time. I have lots of things unfinished including a sleeveless sweater ( I need to crochet the sleeves) and a Dr Who has at present is dismembered, he needs sewing together. Good luck with cardigan, hope you get it done before your daughter grows anymore.
    Ali xx

  2. Oh Ginny, I know this feeling oh so well....the unfinished wip stash.......and I think anything crochet is probably the worst thing for this, as crochet is so easy and quick to start, you can be quite a bit through a project very quickly, which makes it all the more enticing, but then you can loose yourself in the next thing before you've even started.......yes yes know this dilemma all to well........but I have to say all your current projects are looking rather yummy, I am particulary liking that second started blanket, with all the different variegated patterns........likey..

    Pixie xxx

    1. Thank you Pixie-pix, the variegated blanket is from an early Mollie Makes magazine x

  3. Only one hour. I am crocheting a baby shawl and one round took me 4 evenings (about 12 hours) and then I had to unpick it as I had not done it correctly. It is in the corner of shame at the mo ;0)

  4. Wow, you certainly have a lot of WIP's there, but they all look great and will be lovely when they are done. At least you won't get bored as you have lots of choices to work on. xx

  5. They all look fab! I am in awe of the chosen ones who can knit, so I am well impressed! X

  6. I have many, many WIPs as well ... it's part of being crafty I think ... the buzz of starting something new ... you have lots of prettiness going on and they will get finished ... eventually ;) ... Bee xx

  7. Ginny,
    I feel your pain! I have so many WIP's I can't count them. Between knitting, crochet, quilting, cross stitch, and embroidery I don't think I can ever finish them. But as one of my daughters says half the fun is in the planning and buying. Another daughter looks into my studio and says "one word Mom, Ebay!". I did get two quilts and three crochet afghans done this past winter, so I am trying to be productive and you will too.
    Mickie in Indiana, USA


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