Saturday 17 May 2014

Temporary Measure

When we were in the Lake District for Easter, we popped to Keswick for the final hour of shopping time, and there upon I discovered the most wonderful shop.

It's called Temporary Measure and not only is it a beautiful shop, but it's also a café too. 

They sell all manner of crafty goodness, designed by themselves.  Balls of Debbie Bliss wool line the shelves, along with patterns and kits for you to make your own woolly gems.

There are also their printed range, featuring a bear and a rabbit - canvases, bags, cushions, mobiles, oh I could go on!
You can also have your own photos put on to something special too.

Do take a peak over here to visit their website, from whence I have 'borrowed' these images.

I bought the pattern to make a knitted purse whilst I was in there (but I could have spent much more).  I then bought some wool when I was at Abakhan, Sirdar supersoft aran, and started knitting.

Ta dah!  Here's my completed purse.  The knitting part was tres simple, the fitting the fabric bit not so, fiddly corners etc but I persevered and this is the result.  I'm pretty impressed and as I bought three balls of wool, can make many more combinations still.

If you are in the area, do drop by.  I hear that the shop is up for sale, as it's grown so busy that the owners cannot continue to do everything all at the same time.  For, after all, it was only ever meant to be a temporary measure.

G x


  1. I have checked out the Shop in Keswick, fab. I love the Chinese Slipper pattern, pity it is only for babies. I want a pair.

  2. Love the purse, and love the look of that shop.....the sort of shop you can just be in all day long....xx

  3. What a wonderful shop! It sounds like the sort of place that is great to browse around and just enjoy spending some time. xx

  4. Oh I have been there! We went to Keswick a couple of years ago for the weekend and we had a cuppa in there! My husband said it was just my kind of place and he was right I loved it! A lovely wee place. The wee purse you made is gorgeous.
    Marianne x


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