Saturday 21 March 2015

250 Knitting Stitches

I have just found the perfect knitting compendium from Search Press.  It's called 250 Knitting Stitches by Debbie Tomkies and it's fabulous.  The instructions are clear, as are the photographs, so you can see just how your work is supposed to look!  There are also written, and chart instructions too.
Acrobats cable
I can't wait to try some of these ideas out, I'm thinking a knitting squares blanket, made up of lots of different stitch patterns.  Now I've mastered using a cable needle, I can see endless possibilities coming up!
Spring Flowers
That is, of course, once I've finished the yoga blanket and the odds-and-ends blanket!

Happy weekend everyone

G x

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  1. You are a fab knitter, would love you to knit that blanket, how about a square a week blog challenge for yourself?
    bestest d x


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