Saturday 14 March 2015

Going back to my roots

Thanking Debbie over at qalballah for reminding me that I hadn't yet bought the Winter issue of 60 North Magazine - a magazine all about Shetland.  I'd seen it ages ago and meant to buy it, and then something must have distracted me because I didn't press the order button.  Debbie's post reminded me of that, only when I went on the website, I found out that it had now SOLD OUT!

I tried to find other stockists - to no avail, so I emailed the magazine to tell them of my plight.  Thankfully an emailed reply came letting me know that a copy had been found at the Shetland Museum and Archivse Shop and would be waiting for me to call and pay for.  It arrived this week and it's lovely.

The new Spring issue
My great great great something grandfather is buried on Shetland, as my ancestors on my mother's side came over on the longships from faraway lands in the form of the Vikings and settled in the north of Scotland.  Whilst I am English, my roots have always had an allegiance to my Scottish ancestors - wow betide anyone who calls at my parent's house when the Calcutta cup is being played as we are a house divided - with two English supporters, and two Scottish ones!  Our daughters also have a family maiden name as their middle name as it is a naming tradition in Scotland, that we have continued.

As an extra treat, I've subscribed to 60 North magazine for a year for my mum for mother's day.  I'm pretty sure she's going to love it. 

If you head on over to the website you can order the current issue, or download all the earlier issues for free - how amazing is that?!

G x


  1. there's something about those faraway islands isn't there! I went up on the train all the way to Orkney a few years ago, which isn't quite as faraway and it was amazing. I brought some wool there too and made it into hats, I will go back one day. X


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