Saturday 7 March 2015

Tales of an odds-and-ends blanket

I'm still hooking the granny square blanket - I'm on row 30ish of my total of 60 set by Caroline over at Gran Plumley (find her on instagram people, she doesn't blog so much these days). 

Anyway, in between the still-hooking, Caroline made me an odds-and-ends blanket from her stash.  It arrived the other week and everyone loves it - apparently the general consensus is that it is nicer than mine, particularly as she has used glittery wool in her hooking!

I have to confess, she is a darn sight quicker at the old hooking than I am - but I'm blaming school for my lack of making time.  My original 13 day supply job has continued thus far and as it stands, I am set to be there every week day until the end of April!  I am very tired - 27 extremely small people are a handful to teach, but I am loving it too.

Looking good on the sofa
The odds-and-ends blanket needed some love to get it finished, so I've cheated = it is an odds-and-ends blanket no more for I went onto the wool warehouse website and ordered myself some more stylecraft dk!  Oops.  However, it will be used up for another blanket or such so I guess the name odds-and-ends can continue?!

I've also got some fab knitting and other such books that have arrived to blog about - so bare with me, and all will be revealed soonish!

G x


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