Thursday 21 February 2013

Books, glorious books

So when I'm not knitting, crocheting, sewing, cleaning and generally running around after my lovely girls, I am reading.  Reading, reading, reading.

Man, I love my books.  I'm such an avid reader, I joined both my girls at the library when they were both only 6 days old!

There is only one rule that I impose on my books though - no broken spines, torn edges, folded corners etc.  In fact they must look exactly the same after reading them as when I got them.  A hard task for some, but not for me.  I think I have book OCD!

Due to the vast number of tomes that currently fill my shelves (and kindle), I made myself a resolution at the start of 2013 -  only one book a month was to be purchased by my good self.  I could get as many books out from the library as I wanted, but my pennies were to be spent more wisely, as the shelves are filling but the pages aren't being turned.

I had a look at the shelf today, I don't think my resolution is working:

Do you?

Now as well as reading for my own pleasure, and for my book group, I am also a reviewer of YA (young adult) fiction on a site called Serendipity Reviews run by the lovely Viv.  I've been reviewing for her for a year now and love doing it.  If you have any YA's who like to read in your house, please do check out her blog.  My latest review went on today.

G x


  1. You made me giggle about the way you are with books ... I have the same OCD tendencies about them ... they must look brand new even after reading ... I just can't cope with broken spines and turned down pages :) ... Bee xx

    1. Oh am so glad it's not just me. Most people think I'm crazy but a broken spine can make me cry!

  2. Aw thanks for the mention. And a grand job of reviewing you do too!


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