Saturday 16 February 2013

Confessions of a Shampoo Addict

Whilst having my shower this morning, I happened to look around at the bottles by my feet - no fewer than 3 different shampoo and 2 conditioner bottles adorn my shower base.  This set me to thinking, how many bottles of the forementioned stuff do I have squirrelled away?!

A quick check of here, there and everywhere revealed an eclectic mix of plastic tubs; some large, some small, some almost full, some almost empty, but none the same.

17 bottles!

You see, I don't have perfect hair, and so, I am still in search of the perfect shampoo.  One that can tackle frizzy, quite thick, bleached hair and until I do, I shall be fooled by every advert shown telling me that if only I buy this product I shall be blessed with the shiny, straight glossy locks I so desire.

However there is a happy ending to my tail of woe, and that is in my hunt for a fabulous conditioner that means I can comb through my hair without being greeted with a pile of knots.  After contacting Beauty Editor at Large of Red Magazine, Rosie Green, she suggested trying the very ugly looking Pantene 2 minute deep conditioning mask - and do you know what, it works (more or less). 

How I wish this came in a prettier container

Doesn't mean I won't continue to try others!

G x


  1. Oh... will try that one now, I love a good recommendation.
    I adore the 'pureology' stuff (dont think I spelt that right?) but its pricey so I can only have it when i've been good and saved up, rarely these days??
    I seem to have a thing for moisturisers...hmmmm
    D x

  2. I have to use it all the time, as non-intensive conditioners have no impact whatsoever but it works and isn't too pricey as I go through loads of it! Thankfully, facially, I've stuck to Liz Earle for a few years now but it still costs a bomb!!! x

  3. Hello...I have popped over from Miss Daisies blog.....~ and I would just like to say...It's lovely to' meet' YOU! ~ Thanks for the hair product tip! I have dreadful problem'curly' hair and I will give it a go....
    With 'Twinkles' **** Maria x

    1. Thank you Maria, it's lovely to meet you too x

  4. Linking to you today.....tra la la sun is out tra la la

  5. Thanks lovey, it seems posts are being read, but not following, hmmmm! Some sun here today too, finally cleaned out the 12 rabbits and guinea pigs!

  6. I love the name of your blog! I'm exactly the same, the craftier I become the dirtier my house gets, my boyfriend nickname for me is slacker! I'm totally the opposite to you in the shampoo department, I have one bottle at a time and only buy new stuff when it runs out, I have my hair bleached out of my head and recently bought tescos own brand dirt cheap shampoo, coconut, I think it cost 88p a bottle, I don't recommend it! :)

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by! I'll avoid that shampoo thanks x


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