Thursday 14 February 2013

Have a heart

Remember I've been attempting to crochet some hearts from Simply Crochet magazine? 

After a lot of time and effort they are finally starting to come together and resemble something akin to a heart shape - instead of the crochet blob that the first attempts looked like.

To celebrate this I decided to use one of my hearts for this:

I made it into a Valentine's card for my hubby - he seemed quite chuffed!

I even had time to rustle up some biscuits this morning for pre-school

Off to make tea now with some heart-shaped pasta to keep up with today's theme!

By the way, do you remember my Lazy Daisy granny square?  It's grown!

Happy Valentine's Day

G x


  1. Well done you. They all look really lovely. X

  2. Just spotted this must have missed a post....Loving that square!
    bestest daisy xxxx

  3. Hi I just saw your link on Lazy Daisy's blog, and thought I would pop over for a browse!

    Loving the crochet hearts v talented xxx


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