Wednesday 13 February 2013

My little bag of happy

Now I'm by no means a great crafter, in fact, at times, I don't even think I'm a particularly good crafter but I enjoy what I do and I try hard (which counts for lots).  There is one project though that I'm proud of.

In Issue 3 of Mollie Makes magazine they featured a sunshine bag, all yellow and sunny I liked this project enough to give it a go of my own.  Whether my sewing skills were up to such a challenge was another matter!

I have some beautiful fabric that I found in a charity shop - someone's old bedlinen: pillowcases, duvet cover and sheet for a mere £3 that is a sunny combination of yellows, whites and orange.  For the inside I decided to use another thrifty find, an old curtain that someone else had donated to charity.  The handles were the most expensive part of the project and I managed to find them on ebay.  I am still struggling in my quest to find more circular handles that I like so that I can repeat this crafty project.

A few sewing days later (note I said days not day - as I said before, I'm not the best sewer and things take a bit of time to get completed round here) and ta-dah

sunny flowery outside

pretty fleecy curtain lining
 Whenever I use my bag it makes me happy.

G x


  1. Now that bit of thrifty crafting would make me very happy and mighty proud too! there no end to your mighty fine talents?

    I am liking the word 'mighty' today.


    D J x

  2. I thank you Miss Jones for your might fine comment x

  3. Very lovely ... and just what you'd need to brighten a dreary grey day ... I am disappointed I missed out on the first issues of Mollie Makes ... Bee xx

    1. Thank you Bee. I only found Mollie Makes from issue 3 so after much hinting the hubby bought me issues 1-3 from eBay. Cost way too much for each one but now I own then all. x

    2. Oh that's cool ... I have all the Simple Things ... which I love but I didn't get Mollie until issue 9 ... bummer ... Bee xx


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